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Dec 15, 2007 07:51 AM

Scorpio's Steakhouse~Jackson NJ

Has anyone tried this place yet?

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  1. I am curious to know too. Spotted it after taking the kids to Surf Taco for lunch when we made a trip to pick up tile at the tile store there. It certainly looks nice but looks can be deceiving. I'll post back if we are brave enough. Please do the same.

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      I have been tracking this original post out of curiosity for future reference, as I am in the Jackson-Freehold area for golf day trips throughout the I am surprised by the lack of response until today. The comment I picked up on immediately from (angelo04) was simply stating, "but looks can be deceiving".

      When (Angelina) originally posted this thread, I checked Scorpio's web page and they have a beautiful picture of a Filet Mignon which appears to be encrusted in peppercorns..........however, there is not a menu item or description listed that remotely looks close to the picture provided. Interesting, don't you think?

      1. re: fourunder

        I don't think it's encrusted with anything, to be honest.

        But.... as a Jacksonite, I can tell you that I don't see this place lasting. It's way pricey for this town.

    2. Is this really a "steakhouse"? Sure, there are steaks on the menu. But they've also got shrimp scampi, baby back ribs, veal chops, pork chops, rack of lamb, chicken breasts ("smothered" or "bruschetta), tuna, tilapia, salmon... Clam chowder and French onion soup? Oy! Not exactly my idea of a steakhouse. More like a something for everyone restaurant.

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        I received a gift card for the holidays to this rest. My husband and I will try it and report back.

        Happy Holidays to all

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          we ate their last night,our waitress looked like she was 15 years old,we ordered thick cut veal chops one was all fat the other one was all gristle the manager came over and said they looked fine he said he would give ue a free desert,we refused and he left i sliced my chop in half and called him back,he agreed and we ordered filet mingon also not good it looked like a butt cut
          we ordered a cocktail when we arrived and i asked for the wine list she came with our drink and left with the wine list,we had to ask for it again
          the menu is fine,a lot of members are saying its to pricey for jackson
          i live in an adult community with 1400 homes most from ny and north jersey
          get good meat and give the cook a meat thermometer and they will fill up the place

        2. We just ate there this evening. While the atmosphere was quite nice and the staff was accommodating, the food was rather dissapointing. My husband had the strip steak as he always does at a "steakhouse". It was lacking flavor and he had to send it back as it wasn't cooked as requested. I had the Chicken Pennato (I believe that was the name of the dish). It was lukewarm at best and lacking flavor as well.

          As a Jacksonsite, I agree with mtiger1. I don't see it lasting. Too pricey for this town and not worth the price.

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            From the look of things I better get there and use my gc before it closes

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            1. I made the comment how looks can be deceiving. All too often a place looks great but serves mediocre chow. Based on the few posters here that went, I am glad to say I was wrong. I am excited to hear that they have a large wine list. I am anxious to go.

            2. The original comment has been removed