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Scorpio's Steakhouse~Jackson NJ


Has anyone tried this place yet?

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  1. I am curious to know too. Spotted it after taking the kids to Surf Taco for lunch when we made a trip to pick up tile at the tile store there. It certainly looks nice but looks can be deceiving. I'll post back if we are brave enough. Please do the same.

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      I have been tracking this original post out of curiosity for future reference, as I am in the Jackson-Freehold area for golf day trips throughout the year......so I am surprised by the lack of response until today. The comment I picked up on immediately from (angelo04) was simply stating, "but looks can be deceiving".

      When (Angelina) originally posted this thread, I checked Scorpio's web page and they have a beautiful picture of a Filet Mignon which appears to be encrusted in peppercorns..........however, there is not a menu item or description listed that remotely looks close to the picture provided. Interesting, don't you think?

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        I don't think it's encrusted with anything, to be honest.

        But.... as a Jacksonite, I can tell you that I don't see this place lasting. It's way pricey for this town.

    2. Is this really a "steakhouse"? Sure, there are steaks on the menu. But they've also got shrimp scampi, baby back ribs, veal chops, pork chops, rack of lamb, chicken breasts ("smothered" or "bruschetta), tuna, tilapia, salmon... Clam chowder and French onion soup? Oy! Not exactly my idea of a steakhouse. More like a something for everyone restaurant.

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        I received a gift card for the holidays to this rest. My husband and I will try it and report back.

        Happy Holidays to all

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          we ate their last night,our waitress looked like she was 15 years old,we ordered thick cut veal chops one was all fat the other one was all gristle the manager came over and said they looked fine he said he would give ue a free desert,we refused and he left i sliced my chop in half and called him back,he agreed and we ordered filet mingon also not good it looked like a butt cut
          we ordered a cocktail when we arrived and i asked for the wine list she came with our drink and left with the wine list,we had to ask for it again
          the menu is fine,a lot of members are saying its to pricey for jackson
          i live in an adult community with 1400 homes most from ny and north jersey
          get good meat and give the cook a meat thermometer and they will fill up the place

        2. We just ate there this evening. While the atmosphere was quite nice and the staff was accommodating, the food was rather dissapointing. My husband had the strip steak as he always does at a "steakhouse". It was lacking flavor and he had to send it back as it wasn't cooked as requested. I had the Chicken Pennato (I believe that was the name of the dish). It was lukewarm at best and lacking flavor as well.

          As a Jacksonsite, I agree with mtiger1. I don't see it lasting. Too pricey for this town and not worth the price.

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            From the look of things I better get there and use my gc before it closes

          2. I made the comment how looks can be deceiving. All too often a place looks great but serves mediocre chow. Based on the few posters here that went, I am glad to say I was wrong. I am excited to hear that they have a large wine list. I am anxious to go.

            1. Ate there about 2 weeks ago. As a restaurant,it's average. I guess these days if a restaurant offers more than a few types of steak, it's considered a "steakhouse". I had the Ribeye, and it was "adequate". What really annoyed me was that the vegetable of the day was stringbeans in some kind of sauce. I asked to substitue another vegetable, available as a side, and they would not substitute, I had to pay extra for the "side". Tried using logic with the waitress, but it went nowhere. We also had to ask twice for bread, and remind the waitress to bring vinegar and oil for the salad. The bar is nice - uncrowded. Just made reservations for tomorrow (will only accept reservations for 6 or more), will see how it goes. Just too many rules for a restaurant. On a scale of 1 - 10, I give it a 5.

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                God knows we need a good any type of eatery in this neck of the woods ..The place needs a lot of work .Staff needs maturity and knowledge .oweners need to be more friendly ,visable and proactive .Bar staff does the right thing ..This place in a nut shell needs to stay basic ,keep the quility up and educate staff....has potenial ...time will tell

              2. ate there for the third time .It is getting better ..The bar drinks and wines are very reasonable ,but service/server needs help ..the chef/cook also needs to prepare meat how it is requested .The place had a good up scale crowd .The potenial is there ,but keep working on basic stuff ....COOK the steak right ..!!!

                1. I recently ate at the Scorpio restaurant in Jackson, NJ and as a person who grew up here and came back to visit..I consider it a luxury. Unfotunately they need to realize that to charge $35.00 steak they need to include a burnaise sauce or wine dressing to serve with such a meal is appropriate. Perhaps visit the Manhattan Steak House in Ocean, NJ to understand a better meal that can be served for $29.99. I do feel it is an excellent restaurant..they need to research what a good northeast (mid-Jersey) steak house can offer. Good decor... better the chef..better the outcome. My mother used A-1 sauce shame on her..but shame on the chef.

                  1. Is Scorpios the site where the Pasta House used to be? I used to love going there and I enjoyed their cheesecakes.

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                      shesallthat ;
                      Go about a mile west of the Pasta house . Scorpios @ the next intersection next to Mcdonals ..The sea food eatery were the Pasta House was is worth a stop .a BYOB .a little pricey ,but good quility

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                        Was there again on Friday nite good crowded and they were filming a commercial .We thought because it was a Friday nite and the crowd would part of the action ,but to our suprise they turned up the lights and filmed a shrimp cocktail on the bar .we found that quit amusing . Also the owner/wife was tring to help behind the bar and DID NOT know how to open a beer !!
                        Question ..do they ( owners) really care about the patrones ..The jury is still out ..I think the good ship Titanic has sprung a leek ..Start bailing fast if you are to stay a afloat ,because the food has not gotten better !! and STOP bringing the camera and lights in @ prime time !! yes ,it does effect the customers that pay the bills

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                          Hey, big,

                          It sounds as though you are single-handedly trying to keep this Titanic of a restaurant afloat. lol On Jan. 13th, you said you'd already been there 3 times, so this would make 4? Since you keep complaining that the owners are totally at sea (pun intended), what is it that keeps you returning? Is the food that good? What did you eat this time?

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                            first ..we really need a place like this in Ocean County
                            we want this place to go!!
                            second ...the drinks are very resonable and bar people do the right thing
                            third .. my wife loves the place ..

                            Fourth .. we both had steak ( surprise ) aged prime ??? was cooked properly ,but again the side dishes were weak .. put some hash browns on the menue .Bread came out after meal was served .Had to request it !

                            fifth... the place has potenial ,but owners need to more proactive ..Bill /owner you trying to do a good job ( keep it up ) but you are working alone ..the others are there ,but remain absent

                    2. We this place make 6 months .All I hear are the same complaints over and over .If anybody had a great experience ,please let us know what you ate .?

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                        Since you've been there several times, how busy has Scorpio's been? Considering the overwhelming pans it's received on this board as opposed to not much, if any, in the way of pats, have you noticed patronage decreasing each time?

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                          Each time I have been there it was on a weekend and a good crowd was there by 6:30,but as we both see from this post almost all reports have been negative ..the same mistakes over and over .

                      2. We ate there for the 2nd time tonight. A few weeks ago we had 2 salads and 1 tea for lunch. It was $27. The salad was not fresh & the dressing was the kind you purchase in 5 gallon jugs. We decided to give it a fair shake & try dinner, but I'm afraid it wasn't much better. The steak was ok for $26 but the Tuna arrived luke warm and had a funny after taste. We ordered the brockley rob and had to send it back. They removed it from the bill without any questions. What they really need is a new chef. I don't mind paying NYC prices if it's worth it, but for now I'm hoping a real steak house opens up in its place some time soon.

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                          I have eaten there 4 times with similar poor results ..Has Anybody had a good experience @ this place ? How long do you think they will stay afloat ..

                        2. Has anyone been to Scorpio’s over the weekend? Are they getting any better?

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                            I did plan to go this weekend ,but I have been there 4 times with mixed reviews ..I believe my wife and I will pass this weekend and wait until they get things worked out or they close.. what ever comes first ..If you do go please let us know your feeling .. It is a interesting place ..good luck

                            1. re: big1515

                              big1515 - Anything new to report about this place? Are they getting any better? Have you been back or did you give up on them?

                          2. a group of 10 went there right after Scorpio opened. any drink took about a half hour, they ran out of bread, some of the steak orders had to be changed because they ran out of the cut (duh, it's a steak house). orders were sent back to the kitchen because they were not prepared correctly. They would not give us our drinks, but, did offer a gift card ($25.00 for 10 people). Jackson could use a nick sitdown Chinese restaurant. Scorpios would be a wonderful place to put it.

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                              How does that not surprise me . Was there any thing to say good about the place or the meal ?
                              Why do they make the same mistakes over and over ..Is anybody thinking ??

                            2. ate here once....sent the first steak back, second wasnt bad.....place has potential but i dont think it will be around long enough to meet it

                              1. Has anyone been recently.
                                Just wondering if it is still open.

                                1. Although I would not write this place off entirely, after all it just opened up and *may* have some bugs to work out, I did have problems with it.
                                  I thought it was fairly priced, a NY strip for $23, a rather large porterhouse for $30, but veggies, salads, soups come a la carte, thus the bill can add up. However, the wait time between courses was too long, my waitress left a lot to be desired, she barely came to check up on us for drink refills, more bread, etc. She came only once after we ordered. Another problem I had with the place was it seems the wait staff in general is very under experienced. Looks like a bunch of young adults ( I would guess a majority of them were 18 to 20 years old) and the lack of experience shows.
                                  Now this may be my inner feminist coming out but I also find it bothersome that the male waiters wear long sleeve, black, button down shirts as a part of their uniform, but the waitresses wear tight, short sleeved, barely hitting the belly button, bright red tee-shirts with the cut down the collar to show off some major cleavage. If I wanted to have a side of boob with my steak, I would have gone to Hooters. I just think it lowers the "class" of the place.
                                  I just find it so hypocritical that the young women have to "put themselves out there" but the young men can dress in a loose fitting button down. It's almost as if Management knows their product is less than stellar and they have to have sexy waitresses to make up for their shortcomings.
                                  To top everything off, I ordered my NY strip steak medium- got it well done. Since the wait time was so long, I just sucked it up, ate half of it, and left very unsatisfied.
                                  Wait six to eight months before you go- perhaps they will get their act together.
                                  If the place happens to be closed by then, although I don't fancy anyone's loss in a business, you would not have lost anything and saved yourself some time and money.

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                                  1. re: BlueDolphin

                                    Big1515, is this why you keep going back? :)

                                    1. re: wench31

                                      I have not been back in 6 months .I heard that they are remodleing and MAY become a sports bar..

                                    2. re: BlueDolphin

                                      BlueDolphin, that is untrue about the women's uniforms.
                                      Enclosed is a link to their web site, showing 'The Crews' uniforms.

                                      1. re: rickster71

                                        Hi rickster
                                        Your link did not work.
                                        However my eyeballs do.
                                        Now I did go within the first three weeks of opening on a Saturday, so perhaps it was different later on, but I do know what I saw.

                                        I see that there's a "store for rent" sign up there now too....guess they closed down. That's a shame because they did have potential.

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                                          I just had a great steak dinner at Mr. C's Steakhouse in Toms River right next to Capone's on Washington street......The RIB EYE w/ Crumbled Bleu Cheese topping done and a real charcoal grill wow, nice salad & Sushi bar too.... it was so good!
                                          Nice atmosphere also with comfy tuffeted curved booths too low lighting..

                                          1. re: Tapas52

                                            Hello Tapas and thanks for the post. The restaurant is called Jimmy C's (as in Jimmy Capone - the next door Frank Capone's son). You are correct that the grilled steaks and burgers are very good however in IMHO, the salad bar is so-so and the sushi bar is decent. BTW, I eat there quite often for lunch.

                                            1. re: bgut1

                                              bgut I stand corrected sorry....might I add even though I didn't have the sushi there I noticed it very expensive compared to places like Wang Sushi in TR also almost half the price.
                                              I'll agree the salad bar is lacking & mediocre at best.......so were left with good local steaks, burgers, pasta & pizza next door too.....& top it off with an espresso at the java Joint on the corner LOL...Toms River really needs a culinary pickup soon!

                                              1. re: Tapas52

                                                Tapas - I agree with you about the need for a "culinary pickup" especially in light of the empty Slowly space. That being said, I'm still very happy with my two standbys: Bistro 44 and the River Market. Good Luck.

                                                1. re: bgut1

                                                  Bgut well at least two is better then None right?

                                                  keep me posted on anything new
                                                  kind regards

                                    3. If you want a good steak in Jackson, go to the Cassville Tavern. The NY Strip never fails to please. No, it's not upscale, but the food they serve is excellent.

                                      And yes, Jackson could use a good Chinese place - sit down or not. And a good Indian place. With all the Russians around, I'm surprised no one's opened a Russian place.

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                                        There used to be might still be there a Russian restaurant in Jackson (cassville) at ROVA Farms the Greek Church on Rt571

                                        1. re: Tapas52

                                          I actually believe that ROVA Farms is Russian Orthodox

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                                            Scorpio's is now a sports bar called Fans.
                                            I've heard they're are looking to open before the Super Bowl.
                                            Don't know how true that is though.
                                            They can't have very much work to do in there, other than re-decorating.

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                                                  I have been watching , the old scorpios sigh came down weeks ago. I do not know what they are doing and what is thaking so long because the place was a ''turn key operation''.Thank god it is uder new ownership becuase the old Scorpios crew was the worst . Welcome the Fan !!

                                                  1. re: big1515

                                                    big1515, you're so right.
                                                    The only competent member in the whole place, was a bartender named Marie.
                                                    She was very good. The only great meal we had there, was at the bar served by Marie.

                                                    As for the re-working of the place; I would think the new chef would want the kitchen set up 'his / her way.'
                                                    Also I suppose re-decorating it with a sports bar feel.

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                                                      our best meals ( if you can call them best ) were @ the bar .The owners were not people persons' .They would walk by without even saying hello.The place had great potenial ,but the crew did not know what they were doing .I really look foward to checking out the new joint . It really can't be any worse then Scorpios'

                                      2. I walked into this place last year (around dinner time) and wanted to ask for a take-out menu. I stood there waiting for someone to greet me for 5 minutes. Some high school aged employees were talking 10 feet away and just ignored me. Terrible. I never visited the place again and no wonder it didn't succeed. It's now a pub but not sure if it's the same owners.