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Quick Serve = Fast Food or Counter Service, NO table service or waiters involved in the process!

Here are a few of my favorites down here in Dade & Broward.

1. Sonny's Famous Steak Hogies - without a doubt. It simply cannot get any better, not even in Philly. 4 -get-abou-tit! Ask for the sauce (red) on the side and spoon it over each and every delectable bite. LHM=Lord Have Mercy! I may just have to slide by there today, it's been a couple weeks now. Hollywood, FL 66th @ Taft. Well worth the trip even from Pensacola!

2. Jack's Old Fashioned Hamburgers - best beef on the penninsula! Ft Lauderdale, FL

3. La Sandwicherie - French Hoagies done right. Get extra dijon sauce and pour it on each and every morsel! South Beach, Fl

4. Primanti Bro's - Pizza by the slice from Pittsburgh? You got that right! Ft Liquordale, FL Also, try their unique sammies with everything, including the fries, piled on for good measure!

5. Chipotle - I know, it's a flippin' chain, but where can one find a better burrito? Fl, USA

6. Arebetter's Hot Dogs - the actual doggies are not the greatest, but this FLA institution deserves it's place on this post. West Bird Rd Miami, FL

7. Pizza Rustica - for their amazing portfolio of pies. There's one for every tastebud. South Beach & the Gold Coast of Florida.

8. Joe's Takeaway - BTW these are in the order I thought of them, not in order of the bestest to best. Their stoners might be overpriced, but they are always good. The rest of their takeaway offerings are priced right and without rivals. South Beach, FL

9. Frankie's Pizza - another FL institution worthy of mention. 2 go slices or pies only. West Bird Road. Miami, FL

10. Harvest Moon - Gourmet Bistro. Order and pay at the counter and they bring it to you! Good fresh stuff, always packed. Lunch only if I am not mistaken? Miami Springs, FL

I feel that's a pretty decent start to what I hope will be a great thread. Let's have it FLA, what you got?

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  1. Stoupsy's, Greek place downtown.

    Stoupsy's of Athens
    320 SE 1st St, Miami, FL 33131

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      come on now Frod, I know you can do better than that! Quick Serve may not be your forte, but one lonesome Greek joint deserves some company, no? Si!

      What about that crepe place in the Grove, any good? I had a dessert crepe there once upon a time that excelled.

      1. re: netmover

        Give me more time - first thing that came to mind. Here's another -

        Sushi Deli - 79th St. Causeway - sushi bar inside the Japanese market. Great stuff.

    2. Agree with 1,2,3& 8. Although I think the burgers at Char Hut are better than Jack's but it's close.
      Epicure Market- Tuna Fish Salad Sandwich.
      Macaluso's Market - It's all good but the Meatball Parm and/or Meatball Salad is a must do.
      San Loco- Late night..
      Tark's (Dania)
      Captain Jim Hanson's- stone crabs to go
      La Spada's- huge subs

      1. Tom Jenkins BBQ, Ft Lauderdale.

        1. Net,
          I'm surprised you forgot about la camaronera and palacios de los jugos.

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            I thought about La Camaronera...but you got to deal with the counter servers aka waiters...it's definately counter service...and worthy of mention. I also thought of Sushi Deli, again it's quasi table service there too...also worthy of mention.

            La Spadas is great!

          2. Hands down for LaSpada's on University across from Nova. The best sub in south Florida!! And a true Florida establishment. mmmmm....I might get one tomorrow!!

            1. Zona Fresca in Ft Laud...amazing fish tacos and the best tomatillo salsa.

              Spanky's Cheesesteak Factory in Ft Laud...best cheesesteaks I've had in Florida.

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                I'll have to try Spanky's... it's just around the corner from us and I've never been there because their big yellow sign put me off!

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                  Is the meat chopped or sliced? Cheese wiz? wit or without? Have you tried the Sonny's in Hollywood that Net mentions above? Wow just thinking philly steak sandwiches makes my mouth water! Either way will probably have to try both, oh well lol.

                  1. re: eatnbmerry

                    It comes chopped, with provolone, with peppers(mild & hot) & onions. It's so good! It's very cheesy and not too heavy on peppers & onions (which I like). I have never tried Sonny's in Hollywood but it sounds good.

                2. The Big Tomato on US 1 in Pinecrest has some great "deep dish" style pizza pies. I remember speaking to the original owner many years ago (I believe he has since gone on to open/run a Broward location in Weston?) who said he got the original recipe from the Baltimore area. Go figure.

                  As Net mentioned above, Frankies has been around for years and gets my vote as the best in Miami (sorry Rustica fans, you can keep your undercooked doughy creations).

                  And while the pizza neurons are firing in my head, Steve's (North and South Dade) does a nice NY style.

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                    Steve's works! The sauce is a little sweet for me, it's still the best pie in North Dade.

                    Chipotle just won me over BIG TIME today! Bell Evans Chickens and an array of other well fed protein products. Natural...at a very attractive price point. Phenomenal burritos. The herbed rice serves as a nice base, or not, pick your favorite frijol -red or black- barbacoa (shreadded beef) or carnitas (shredded pork), Bell Evans Chicken? I cannot beleive the products they be pimpin' at Chipotle considering the fact that micky d's was or is an investor in this concept. Hot sauce, cheese and a little crema fresca, romaine for good measure and BAM you got a beaute of a burrito...the salads look good too. This is a great addition to the Miami Quick Serve industry. Delish...cious!

                  2. I don't know if it meets all the criteria (has a restaurant room in back) but I've made a late night meal of made to order hot churros and chocolate at La Palma's counter facing calle ocho. Delicious sugar rush and exhaust fumes to boot NICE!

                    1. Want to see what was the western most frontier of MY-AMAH less than a genaration ago? Head out on calle ocho/tamiami trail/41 and check out the Pit Barbeque.

                      Although I've heard they may be undergoing a renovation (ouch why didn't they leave well enough alone?), I'm confident that the taste of their hickory smoked ribs/chicken and individual sized key lime pies (I swear they are the cutest lil pies you'll ever taste) can't be erased by updated digs. The smoke is literally already burned in lol!

                      1. BTW Net,

                        I realize your post says "TOP" but after you monopolized with your long list :):), you've left slim pickins for us down south. A testament to your knowledge and/or my lack thereof.

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                        1. re: eatnbmerry

                          I usually only start off with 3 "TOP"s...seems I got inspired with this post! Lord knows there are many more! Here's another one for good measure: Lorenzo's Cafeteria in NMB.

                          5" thick Lazagna and Eggplant Parm along with a variety of daily specials steal the show at this legendary market Italiano. It's not phenomenal food, but it does hit the spot and is among the best Quick Serve there is in the D A D E.

                          Tom Jenkins in the FTL is counter service too and offers up some if the best BBQ this side of Memphis!

                          You simply need to think about where you have waited in a line to order, then eat...if it's good, post it!

                          As for my monopoly, my travels are rather limited even here within DADE. Ok here's one more: Mari-Nalli Gourmet Quesadillas...I know the thought of Quesadillas probably does not tickle anyone's toes, but these are exceptional and well worthy of mention on this post!

                          1. re: netmover

                            Its definitely a challenge to out"flank" you Net LOL!

                        2. La Ranchera in Pompano for some quick and authentic Tacos...also serving up Elote (roasted corn rolled in crema, sprinkled with queso, then squirted with hot sauce) outside on weekends. 6th Street between Dixie and Cypress Road (18th, not to be confused with Cypress Creek Rd).