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Looking for the Best Americanized Sushi in LA!

Hi All!

After my last dinner taking out-of-towners to sushi.....I realize... I need help.
They are looking for super crazy rolls and I don't know where to go!

So I'm looking for some Americanized Sushi recs around town. Ones that have a loooonnnng list of wacky rolls. And is good quality and yummy fresh. I want my guests to be super happy, but I want to be super happy too! Is this possible?

Hollywood, Burbank, Glendale, West LA, Santa Monica....My sweetiepie works on the west side, and I work in Burbank. Sucker for long-distance relationships...

Atmosphere: Not scary to an out-of-towner

Oh and if it doesn't break the bank, that would be a plus too! Thanks for all help!

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  1. what about hamasaku in west LA? the atmosphere is nice but im not sure by what you mean when you say "not scary". price range hamasaku is not cheap but it's no urasawa. i just can't suggest any of those "crazy" sushi places b/c i just don't have it in me to do so.

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    1. Koi, Katsuya and Geisha House are good for this sort of thing. I give Katsuya the nod for having the better food out of the three. Hamasaku really does have a super long list of crazy rolls. Probably the longest one I've ever seen!

      1. This place specializes in crazy rolls--crazy portion and cheap!

        12745 1/2 Ventura Blvd
        Studio City, CA 91604
        (818) 487-3938

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          Cheap, big and disgusting. Not recommended.

        2. If you are in the mood for all you can eat, try Midori Sushi in Studio City. It's about $25/person. The have 10+ different rolls for you to try. My favorite one is the "Family Roll" (if I remember the name right). It was topped with seared albacore with spicy tuna filling and drizzle with ponzu sauce. Yum yum yum~~~~

          Midori Sushi
          11622 Ventura Blvd.
          Studio City, CA 91604
          (818) 623-7888

          1. Even though they don't have a long list of rolls, Tokyo Table has a lot of modernized Japanese dishes that are fun to eat (and they probably have the wackiest sushi dish of all... a baked "sushi pizza" which is surprisingly good when I tried it)

            Geisha House in Hollywood and Tengu in Westwood/Santa Monica and K-Zo in Culver City are also appropriate fits for those looking for a lot of rolly sushi.


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              oooo thanks for all the great recs so far! wow sushi pizza! hehe that sorta scares me but you never know....

              And Trolley, it doesn't have to be Yamashiro in appearance, but I guess no really old strip mall sushi joints with 2 tables.

              ME personally am fine with where ever, as long as its good food. Just thinking of my out-of-towners who are just used to eating sushi at the brand new restaurant at their local mall.

            2. I would say either Geisha House inHollywood or any of the Sushi Roku branches.

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                Scratch that:

                Not the Sushi Roku on 3rd Street. But I've also been to the one in Santa Monica and the one in Pasadena (are there others?) so those are fine.

                The nice thing about those locations are that they make for a fun evening out regardless. Santa Monica and Old Pas are great for strolling, window shopping, ducking into shops for coffee or ice cream, etc.

              2. There is the California Roll Factory in West LA on Santa Monica. The place looks kind of like a dive but if you are looking for an abundance of different rolls, this place won't break the bank. I don't think it's amazing per se, but it's a roll joint with a lot of variety.

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                  I'll second this rec. It is what it is. I think the mushroom appetizer is pretty good, and the rolls aren't bad.

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                    This is a fun place. In addition to the variety of rolls, they'll make any combo roll you can imagine. Fun and tasty rolls is their thing. Enjoy!

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                      Quadruple this rec. When I read the original post, California Roll Factory was the first thing to come to mind.

                    2. Blue Fish in Montrose has all kinda crazy rolls but good fresh sushi as well. It's a few doors down form Zeke's

                        1. In West Hollywood try:
                          Ari Ya Sushi
                          8730 Santa Monica Boulevard.
                          West Hollywood, CA 90069.

                          They don't have a list of wacky rolls, just excellent sushi for the price. I've been going there for several years (formerly Murakami) - nice people, great atmosphere, real down to earth, indoor and patio seating. Often you'll find a A list celeb sitting at the sushi bar. Recommendations: Murakami roll, crab & scallop spring roll, and their sushi is super fresh.
                          I would stay away from Katsuya in Hollywood - expensive and valet is $15 with validation! Snobby, food is average. If you are going to pay that much then you are better off going Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills.

                          1. Sushi Dan Rockin' Sushi in studio city and in Hollywood has big super-crazy rolls. Huge things. I find them disgusting, personally. But if that's what you want, that's the place to go.

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                              Don't bother with Sushi Dan - the food is horrific and it gets very loud.

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                                Sorry, in my mind, "super crazy rolls" are horrific in the first place...so I picked the one with the biggest, insanest, gooeyest rolls I could think of.

                            2. i second the motion for california sushi roll factory in west LA! with dozens of customer-created rolls plastered to the wall, and you can do it yourself too. for what it's worth, i still eat there when i'm trying not to take myself too seriously, kind of like when i go to joe's crab shack hahah...

                              1. Fat Fish in WeHo or Koreatown.

                                1. Kaya Sushi in Marina Del Rey has a super long list of rolls. Some things are better than others, but overall it's pretty good.


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                                    I second Kaya Sushi. My husband and I went there last week and had several really good rolls. I recommend the Low-Carb Rolls (think no rice), specifically the Summer Roll, Fall Roll and Winter Roll. Their sushi is OK, but I much prefer Mia Sushi in Eagle Rock (which has several good rolls as well).