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Dec 15, 2007 07:13 AM

Curra's out of tamales!! Where to order??

I just went online to order Christmas tamales, and they are not accepting orders. Big problem! Does anychow have an idea where I can still order for a party? Gracias

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  1. oaxacan tamaleo, on hwy 71, not too far west of the overpass where hwy 21comes tamales available

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    1. re: chowmick

      Thanks, chowmick! I'll give them a try.

      1. re: PatBastrop

        While they are good, the banana-leaf-wrapped tamales that they turn out are very different from what you might be expecting if you are used to the Tejano corn-husk-wrapped Christmas tradition.

        Just this month, there has been a discussion of tamales that can apparently be delivered to your house if you order at least 2 dozen:

        Other recent mentions of local tamale purveyors are in a couple of other conversations:

        You might also try a search on the Texas board. San Antonio has more plentiful Mexican food offerings than Austin in general, and for some parties, it might be worth the drive. I ran across a couple of discussions:

        On the other hand, a tamalada can be a party unto itself, but that diverges into Home Cooking. For example:

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      1. how many dozens do you need?

        1. Thanks for the comments! We picked up some tamales from Central Market, and they were quite good. For variety we went to Tamaleo on 71 for the banana leaf wrapped turkey/mole tamales and they were fabulous! They were definitely the menu topper. Happy New Year, y'all!!