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Dec 15, 2007 06:27 AM

Restaurants that do off-site catering (DFW)

I've booked a wedding venue in Dallas that will let me bring in my own caterer, but I haven't had any luck finding restaurants that will provide food, waitstaff, real dishes and silverware (not paper/plastic). I've met with some non-restaurant caterers but haven't been impressed with the food I've tasted. I'd like to keep the price under $50/person (including all food, service, and tableware). Does anyone have recommendations on restaurants that cater Italian, Asian, or American food? No Mexican or BBQ please. Thanks!

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  1. What place did you book? I've heard Maggiano's caters.

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      I booked the Old Red Courthouse. Maggiano's was one of the first places I called since I knew they had banquet rooms. They only drop off food and don't offer wait staff, so they won't work.

    2. Not sure what type of food you are looking for, but the landlord for my office complex catered lunch yesterday using Blue Mesa. It was a pretty slick set-up with real plates, cloth napkins, silverware, etc. The food was really good too (considering it had to travel from Frisco to Arlington). My guess is they could probably do the same for you with your budget.

      1. Not sure of your budget, but I would seriously recommend that you check out Catering By George. George Brown headed up a couple of Dallas' finest restaurants before going back to focus on catering.

          1. we just had our holiday party catered by James Rowland of Bistro Nous - the food was fantastic. They brought everything (wine glasses, plates, etc.) along with servers and a bartender. I think that the price was in the range that you're thinking, but I'm not positive (I wasn't that involved with the arrangements) - it would be worth calling.