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Best Bowl of Soup in Boston?

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I work part time in Waltham and have recently discovered Tom Can Cook, an Asian fusion restaurant with one of the most mouth watering chicken noodle soups I have ever tried. Unfortunately, I live in Boston and it's a pain to hop into my car and drive over to Waltham whenever I have a craving (although If that's what I need to do...) I'm wondering, what are everyone's favorite Asian type soups in the Boston area? Although this is what I'm craving at the moment, I'm also wondering if there are any other exceptional soups out in Boston (except for clam chowder which regularly gets discussed on this board). Thanks!

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  1. Asian soups: any of the ramen at Ken's Ramen in the Allston Super 88 (not in the food court, but across the corridor on the side entrance from the parking lot that goes into the market itself.)

    Other soups: I had a Macomber turnip soup at Ten Tables in late October that was incredible - the most delicious thing in my very good 4-course meal! Other than that, I don't get soups in restaurants all that often because so many of them are commercially made or done from commercial bases (though I will admit that in cooler weather I regularly get soup for lunch from the Au Bon Pain on site where I work.)

    1. New England Soup Factory in Newton and Brookline...excellent soups.

      1. Strip Ts restaurant in Watertown has great soups.

        Strip-T's Restaurant
        93 School St, Watertown, MA 02472

        1. I've had terrific Chinese noodle soups at Mary Chung's, Qingdao Garden, and Wang's. At MC's, I especially like the Sichuanese Pork & Pickled Vegetable noodle soup. At Qingdao you can get a whole (sliced) crispy pork chop in noodle soup which includes baby bok choy.

          Pho Pasteur is good for Vietnamese noodle soup.

          1. There's a chicken soup with rice at Floating Rock in Revere that is delicate and flavorful and crave-worthy (among other wonderful Cambodian soups there).

            1. Adding on:
              Hong Kong Eatery
              Taiwan Cafe

              1. Szechuan Spicy Beef Noodles Soup at Eo Noodle 1245 Worcester Rd. (Route 9)
                Framingham, MA 01701

                The Zha Jiang Noodle w. Pork & Spicy Sauce Soup at Sichuan Gourmet also on Rt 9 in Framingham see: http://www.laosichuan.com/

                They'll make your mouth water and your nose sweat...

                1. A few that I've had in the past few months and really enjoyed:

                  Pozole at Angela's Cafe
                  Pho with flank, sirloin, tripe and tendon at Xinh Xinh
                  Passata and ribollita at Trattoria Toscana
                  Moqueca with haddock and shrimp at Don Ricardo's
                  Corn chowder with fried clams at Green Street
                  Chicken and rice soup at Vlora
                  Pot a feu of beef short ribs with a side of roasted marrow bone at Petit Robert Bistro
                  Soupe a l’oignon with gruyère crouton at Aquitaine
                  Soupe de poissons at La Voile
                  Spicy cioppino at Stella
                  Ezogelin corbasi (red lentil soup) at Saray
                  Minestrone with oysters at Neptune Oyster
                  Stracciatella at Massimino's
                  Garlic and bread soup with chouriço (I think mistakenly listed on the menu as "chorizo") and shrimp at Pops
                  Vichyssoise at Locke-Ober (lunch)
                  Lamb soup with shao ping at Beijing Star, Waltham
                  Yukyejang at Buk Kyung II

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                    What did you think of Saray? BFP and I went a couple of weeks ago, and I've been hoping some others here would chime in with their thoughts.

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                      Really liked Saray a lot: been there several times. Have to sandbag on it (as I do many places) for um, professional reasons.

                      Forgot to mention: borscht at Cafe Polonia: really light, beet-tinged broth with very light, mushroom-stuffed ravioli. Not at all heavy like the Ukrainian style.

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                      The Pozole at Angela's is really lovely.

                    3. I really like the Khmer soup at the Wonder Spice Cafe in Jamaica Plain.

                      1. Shabu Zen in Chinatown is a hotpot place. Not sure if u can call that a soup but its pretty close.

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                          Canh Chua(chicken) at Sunrise Restaurant on Dot Ave.
                          Lily Bulb and Pork Sparerib Soup at Taiwan Cafe

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                            Yo Ma in Brighton for lovely spicy burmese chicken soup, penang's tom yum seafood soup, Golden Temple's udon noodle soup, Shanghai Gate in Brighton for the loveliest, lightest wanton/wintermelon soup and lots of good suggestions above

                        2. LOVE the Boat Noodle Soup at Rod Dee in Coolidge Corner.


                          1. This isn't an Asian type soup, but I had the best corn chowder ever at The Biltmore back in the summer. It was a special that night, and not on the menu the next time we went; don't know about their winter menu.

                            1. Pho Hoa on Dorchester Ave near Savin Hill

                              1. Some Cambridge soups:
                                Garlic soup at Dali (pungent, creamy, flu-busting).
                                Jerusalem artichoke soup with mushroom at Chez Henri (not sure if this is available all the time or if it was a special--anyway, fantastic)
                                Black bean and chorizo at Petsi's Pies.
                                Butternut squash with a gooey, delicious goat cheese fritter at Casablanca.