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Apr 10, 2000 08:54 AM

Great dinner at Joe's in Venice

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We went to Joes Sunday night. 2 of us ordered Menu #2, one ordered the veggie menu and one ordered the lamb loin. The starter was perfectly seared scallops with an arugula and baby artichoke salad, basalmic vinaigrette. Next is my favorite, Seared foi gras with seared ahi over a rosti potato cake in a red wine reduction. My entree was venison loin, medium rare with sweet potato mashed potato and steamed bok choy. The potato was not all sweet potato, it was just barely sweet but had the texture of mashed russet potato. The other menu #2 had duck breast seared rare. The lamb was served with an addictive beet risotto. The veggie menu had a similar arugula and artichoke salad, a white asparagus plate, and wild mushroom ravioli for entree. We got a chocolate souffle cake and a tarte tatin for dessert. We even found a Zaca Mesa '96 on the wine list for about $30.00. It was a wonderful meal, properly paced and completely enjoyed. Every time I go to Joe's it seems better than the time before. This time the food was as good as I remember but the serving staff was so much improved and the front staff were so gracious that you just can't wait to return. Dinner for 4 with wine was $200.00 before tip. We were there 2 hours and didn't feel rushed at all.

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  1. Agree. JOE's is fantastic. The new managment (maybe a year old) has made the place one of the truly reliable West Side eateries. Not cheap, but a great value for the fine cuisine.

    Have you tried the new French bistro Lilly right next door?

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      My girlfriend at work loves Lily's. She swears by their great French bistro dishes (she especially likes their lentil soup, mussels, and desserts) and decent (compared to, say, Melisse!) prices. I've been dying to try myself!

      Oh, and few things make me melt & swoon more than a meal a Joe's. Sigh.