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Dec 15, 2007 05:08 AM

Real Italian in Lower Westchester

My wife and I just moved up from manhattan and have been very frustrated that with all the Italians living in lower westchester, we can't find a decent authentic Italian spot. We've found only overpriced, low-grade red sauce places. Any thoughts?

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  1. dbunis, welcome to the burbs...was wondering, what were some of your favorite 'authentic Italian spots' in the city while residents there?

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    1. re: gutreactions

      Celeste is a neighborhood place a block from our old place. The owner is from Rome and has restaurant there as well. The food is excellent regional romana. He goes back and forth from NYC to Rome every couple weeks. He always returns with a couple suitcases of outstanding cheese. You can get a plate with 15 cheeses each one paired with a compote, honey, jam etc.

      1. re: dbunis

        Dante's (Italian Deli) on Central Avenue, White Plains for Take out.

        1. re: dbunis

          Fuggehdaboudit in Westchester. Unless you want to pay through the nose and endure stuffy service to boot.

          What you describe does not exist in red sauce (gravy) places. It might in the fancier Northern Italian places, but again, you have to suffer the consequences.

          Welcome to the area. We're sorely lacking in outstanding, amazing red sauce places.

          1. re: dolores

            "outstanding, amazing red sauce places." ???????? This is an oxymoron. While I love the genre, even the best of them are never "outstanding" or "amazing", just like Pinot Grigio is never a transcendent wine experience. jus my 2 pennies.

          2. re: dbunis

            where is Celeste? Does he ever bring back cheese with truffles? I was just asking about this exact topic for Fairfield County. I want a good bowl of pasta and meatballs like I grew up with in Harrison.

            1. re: nbermas

              Celeste is on 84th and Amsterdam. I've never had cheese with truffles there but I've never had as good a cheese plate at even the poshest places.

              1. re: dbunis

                That is how I tried truffles and it is the only way I have tried them and it is like heaven and very earthy. We have a fabulous cheese shop here in Darien and they get these two types that I love. I try not to eat cheese too much but if you ever get a chance to try it do. Thanks

        2. LaMandas on Rte 119 is good. Excellent pizza (no slices) and standard dishes. It's been around for decades - pretty authentic.

          1. Here is a thread that's been started on red sauce places......

            1. Nessa in Port Chester is one place I think you might want to consider trying. There has been many threads about it, here is one;

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              1. re: Jim P

                Thanks for the info on Nessa. Sounds perfect. We'll definitely check it out!!

                1. re: dbunis

                  Please don't forget to try Dante's, there is nothing else with its quality in this part of Westchester.

                  1. re: chowdom

                    I agree 100% although I would never describe Dante's as just a "red sauce" place. It is authentic southern italian more so than standard red sauce.

              2. Try Pinocchio's in Eastchester. Owner, Tarchese, is the real thing. Please report back. I'm not saying this is the perfect answer but I long for the same thing you do and somehow Pinocchio's satisfies me.