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Dec 15, 2007 05:05 AM

New Stamford Bar and Grill: Mackenzie's

Anyone had a good experience at Mackenzie's, the new place on High Ridge where Onyx used to be?
The place is jammed, which is awesome, because we need a cozy casual place up here, but the food wasn't great when I went. My fish and chips were soggy, and our 2 burgers were over and undercooked. The fries were not just soggy; they were the cheap, gross kind that are sort of rough. (Do you know what I mean?)
I did love the clam chowder, but meat entrees were quite expensive (19-30 $ ish), and beer selection not great. I feel like we need to patronize this place and give them some feedback. I sent my fish and chips back- it was that bad.
Great atmosphere though!
Oddly, the place has NO affiliation with Mackenzie's in Old Greenwich. I think it's odd to name a place the same thing as one 5 miles away.

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  1. I'm glad I finally found some info about this place. I just noticed that it had opened. They need to have a website or something. I figured it would be pricey. Thanks for the review!

    1. Went last week for lunch. Had really good burgers and a griiled steak sandwich. There was only about 8-10 customers so the food was cooked as requested. I wish they would keep it basic. They had specials that totally didn't 'blend' with the atmoshere. Will give it more trys cause really want them to succeed-we need them.

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        I went back and was pretty happy with the meal.
        Cobb salad was huge, which made it hard to eat, but hey, I have no problem with big salads. Husband got the clam chowder (he thought it was too chunky, and I had to agree, but I'd eat it no complaints) and sliders, which were a bit dry. Overall, though, a good place to go for cozy pub food. We went there on Sunday at 430. Giants game was on the screen, table of well-behaved high-schoolers, football fans at the bar- really, what a pub should be.
        My one big complaint: the place is a bit small, but I think it's our only pub other than Black Bear, right? I'll deal with M being small.

        1. re: Stamford Talk

          i was there last night, and although i had a very nice experience, i would have to disagree with you on the salad. it was hardly huge by any stretch, and i didn't much appreciate the cubed cold cut turkey on the cobb salad. but i will definitely return as our server was very, very pleasant.

        1. Glad Mackenzies changed to become more of a pub, lounge, as Onyx was awkward where it pretended to be a upscale restaurant in a strip mall, when it was clear people were there to lounge anyway.

          that being said, Mackenzies is overpriced mediocre bar food. so add another to the stamford scene. In fact, it is very overpriced for the quality you are getting. Which is subpar. nice bar though.

          1. The original comment has been removed