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Apr 6, 2000 04:24 PM

what's the name of the fabulous pizza place in Eagle Rock?

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If anyone has been there or heard of it, I'd love to know the name.

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  1. Casa Bianca,the best pizza I have had in California. You must order the sausage pizza,a national treasure.

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    1. re: Bruce

      That's the one I've heard of- thank you & thanks for the tip on the sausage pizza.

    2. It's called Casa Bianca and they do make an excellent pie, although I hate how they cut it. Instead of slicing it traditionally, they carve out this star shape that leaves you with little triangles and squares of pizza that really bug. It's on Colorado Blvd. in Eagle Rock and they do have strange hours so call and find out when they're open.

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      1. re: Jenji

        I don't know about Eagle Rock, but there Folliero's on Avenue 56 and Figueroa makes a killer cheese pizza, thin crust, well-done (ALWAYS ask for well-done IMHO).

        I think the one you want is Casa Blanca...?

        1. re: sartanglor
          Tom Armitage

          It's Casa Bianca. Opinions vary on how good it is. See the link below.


          1. re: Tom Armitage

            I have to agree with you. I have eaten at Casa Bianca
            4 times, in hopes that perhaps my taste buds had been mislead. I've never been satisfied. But I got a great 'The world is going to Pizzas' t-shirt out of the numerous tries. Even tried the pasta one night, no go. Farfalla is good, gnocci is the best. Only go though when someone else is paying.. Still yet to be satisfied with a good pizza. Call me a snob, but once you've eaten Pizza in Italy, it's really never the same experience in CA.

            1. re: heidi
              Tom Armitage

              Have you tried the pizza at Alto Palato on La Cienega?

              1. re: heidi

                Los Angeles is an incredible pizza town--and the people who disagree are mostly ex-New Yorkers in love with places called Ray's.

                Alto Palato makes incredible Roman-style pies with wispy, ultra-crisp crusts; the original Spago still makes wonderful, tender-crusted ``California-style'' pies as does Caioti in North Hollywood; Vera Cucina makes very credible Neapolitan-style pizza.

                And I still swear by Casa Bianca--never get any topping except for the homemade sausage and the fried eggplant, and try to ignore the fact that pasta is served--for New York-style pizza that would more than hold its own in the five boroughs. Whe I'm in town, I go to Casa Bianca at least once a week.

                1. re: heidi

                  Casa Bianca is pretty good, but I've always preferred Julio's, which is located on Eagle Rock Blvd., just north of York Blvd.