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Dec 15, 2007 12:26 AM

What not to order at Bancock 54

After hearing about this restaurant so much I finally decided to give it a try, with two friends.

I didn't recall anything in particular to order or not to order from the reviews here, so I ordered my mood, which was pork. The two choices under "54's recommendations" were crispy pork and five spice pork. I ordered the former -- what a mistake. The fried thick strips of pork had the toughness of beef jerky or leather. My jaw still hurts six hours later. (Friends ordered buddhist delight and fried catfish. Yeah, yeah, neither particularly Thai or looked great.) The straw mushroom soup was decent (and hard to get wrong). I probably should have ordered something curry to get a real benchmark.

Btw, my previous Thai excursion was to Nava Thai where I ordered curried beef? and found it excellent.

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