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Dec 14, 2007 09:17 PM

U-bet syrup I'm from Buffalo NY. I have a friend visiting from NY. I was wondering where he can find U-bet syrup. I would like to try the flavors, I've heard that its really awesome stuff for egg creams. If anyone knows, let me know...thank you!

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  1. i am sure there are some placess in nyc that still sell fox's BUT i found these 3 online sites..i believe the 2nd one is upstate. all 3 have all the varieties. one even has Bosco!!

    1. Fox's U-Bet is the absolute best for egg creams. I see (and buy) the chocolate flavor all the time. I think there's another flavor sold, but haven't tried it yet. You can order it online at the second site provided by spinach.

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        Hey, anyone who grew up behind a candy store counter knows that Diamond brand syrup was used everywhere. Was a notch above U-Bet, which is what the seltzer man delivered and which we all used at home. It's no longer made as far as I can tell and that's why an egg cream can never taste the same again.

      2. Waldbaums Supermarket's carry U-BET choco syrup..........maybe even in the glass jar..........get some seltzer ( a beverage place may have the trigger type) get some milk and make an egg cream

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          yeah...I was on another forum and they were talking about egg creams and needing to us U-bet syrup. So I decided to see if I can get some. We'll prolly end up doing it online, we'll see. Thanks guys!

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            Online is always a good bet! But you're so sweet in willing to be my Aunt Rosie's hookup, td -- I'll be happy to be yours for U-Bet syrup!! (We have it in every supermarket by me - not always the strawberry flavor, but the chocolate and coffee syrups are always there.) It really is THE only syrup for an egg cream. Keep me posted if you're interested- here's my email:


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              I was nosing thru my fridge and realized I had some U-Bet there! No doubt from Stop and Shop (or Met or A&P), since I don't do the fancy schmancy food stores.

              I was wondering, can it be used for a chocolate cake?

              1. re: dolores

                It definitely can! When I bake chocolate cakes, I always add a tablespoon or two of U-Bet (along with the cocoa powder or bar chocolate) to give my cakes that little something extra. It makes them a bit more moist too!

              2. re: Sra. Swanky

                Oh no, why did you have to remind me about coffee syrup? Now I have to get some!

                1. re: coll

                  Sorry, coll! I meant well! :o) Enjoy your coffee syrup- it's the holidays!

              3. re: scunge

                Fox's U-Bet is no longer being sold in glass jars in supermarkets. Now, it's a plastic squeeze bottle, and the color matches the contents -- chocolate syrup = chocolate-colored bottle, strawberry in bright red, etc.

              4. Shop Rite carries it, near the other chocolate syrups.

                1. Fox's U-Bet is the best. My Grandfater, father, myself and my son all grew up on it. Well my 4 year old has been introduced to it since my wife allowed him to drink chocolate milk. Shop Rite carries it in the Chocolate Syrup aisle. I believe it's $2.99 with your Price Plus card.

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                    The Shop-Rite near us (in NJ) is selling it for $1.99, no card needed. Quite often, they drop the price to 2/$3. That's always the case during Passover when it's the kosher-for-Passover version.