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Dec 14, 2007 08:47 PM


lunch at mila / aka disaster @ the pere marquette!!!
service was fantastic (where on earth did they find such nice, apologetic staff?)
restaurant decor is seriously chain oriented---amazing how generic they've made this place, it resembles every other recently renovated marriott property--especially the canal street marriott (the lampshade chandeliers give it away--must have been the same design team)
the name represents mississippi/louisiana, yet the decor has nothing to do with neither. it's stark, cold, and benign.
the food hardly reflected either state either-----the special was a chicken breast with wild mushrooms and absolute bore; unseasoned, no flavor, it tasted and looked more like a banquet meal rather than the daily special at a supposedly top notch new restaurant!!
one would also think that a restaurant specializing in these 2 states would serve at the very least a top notch, sweetened iced tea also.....but no.
mississippi mud pie dessert----someone please send them ya mamas recipe for this regional staple! there is nothing wrong with this desert in its original form -- they should not even attempt to recreate it because it's just a huge disappointment.
overall they need to take a few lessons from the former rene bistrot----lunch should be quick and fast, there should be a prix fixe menu that doesn't take 45 minutes to get out of the kitchen; they should bring back the table d'hote specials also, and the prices need to come down to earth a bit also.

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  1. There must be another MiLa that you're referring to...

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I too was underwhelmed at lunch and miss the offerings of Rene. The service was wonderful and prompt, but the menu was limited and relatively uninteresting, particularly at those prices. I have read the raves on this board, and realize that most (if not all) are at dinner, but I am also having difficulty reconciling these experiences.