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Dec 14, 2007 08:19 PM

Best Pie In Atlanta

We just watched that movie "Waitress" and now we're craving pie. Anyone have a favorite place?

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  1. I havent had their desserts in a while...but Southern Sweets in Decatur used to make a wonderful Key Lime and a good Apple pie. You can dine in there or get it to the slice or a whole. I'll try to think of dine-in places that would have good ones, too. :)

    1. Greenwood's on Green Street in Roswell is my choice, hands down.

      1. Well, I've noticed Atlanta's lack of wonderful pie, and I am in the process of opening a pie bar, serving nothing but the most amazing pie youve ever had, plus coffee and other drinks, that should be located in Virginia Highlands. Hopefully it will be open before the end 2008. It will be called SugarHill Sweets, and will serve 20+ different types of fresh, homemade pies.

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          I love the idea of a place to go where you can get pie & coffee & sit & chat with friends. I used to do that long ago at the Dessert Place in VaHi, and miss that kind of atmosphere. Good luck on your new adventure!