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Mar 17, 2000 07:03 PM

tapioca pearl iced tea

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I just moved to L.A. from New York and there are some things I'm missing. One thing is tapioca pearl iced teas in different flavors. In NY, there are cafes with tea menus with pages of types of teas. You can get black tea, green tea, taro root, almond...Are there any places like that here? Does anyone know where I can get tapioca pearl iced tea? I would love some Monterrey Park/Chinatown suggestions, but in addition, I live in the South Bay. Does anyone know of any places to get tapioca teas around there? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Try two places in Brentwood on San Vicente. Zen Zoo has a huge tea menu, and Thai Fusion, a pretty good restaurant, serves tapioca pearl iced tea.

    1. If you live near Long Beach or Westminister/Little Saigon it may be worth it to check out the Vietnamese neighborhoods. In Long Beach (along E Anaheim St near Atlantic Ave), there are several Vietnamese restaurants serving the type of tea you describe.

      1. In the South Bay, try the branch of the excellent pho shop Pho 79 on Anaheim Street in Long Beach, which will have several different kinds of squishy teas as well as great noodle soup. Also worth investigating, though not necessarily for the tea, are the dozen Cambodian restaurants on that street: New Paradise stacks up rather nicely with the big seafood restaurants in Phnom Penh.

        1. There was an article in the LA times in feb/mar about tapioca ice tea at a really cool restaurant.

          Can't remember the name, but you should be able to find it in the archives

          1. There's a place in Chinatown called the Ten Ren teahouse that is in the mall that houses Pho 79 between Broadway and Hill just north of Ceasar Chavez. It has a huge selection of pearl "bo ba" iced tea drinks, and if you get your card stamped ten times, you get a free one.
            Does anyone know how to make it at home?

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              Also, Noodle World and Noodle Planet in Alhambra and Noodle Planet in Westwood serve pearl Thai iced tea and coffee.

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                I've made it at home. It wasn't as good as the "bubble tea" I had in Queens, but not bad. I'm sure that you can buy the large tapioca you'll need in LA (it's brownish in color) and you'll need the large straws, which a friend brought back from San Fran. for me.
                You can use just green tea (iced) with milk and sugar or flavored milks. I think a banana flavor would be good, or strawberry. You can put the tapioca in any beverage you like. The only trick is getting it cooked just right so that it's glutinous all the way through, not al dente at all. No one in St. Louis makes it commercially but I was able to get the pearls in an Asian market. Good luck.

                1. re: pat hammond

                  They explored this in Giant Robot a few issues back. I don't recall the recipe, but you can get the tapioca, and you can soak it to make the pearls. The rest is condensed milk and tea.

                  You should look for your local 99 ranch market in Torrance or Gardena. Then, go to the other shops in the mall looking for the bevs.

                  I think that the Shau May chain uses a mix for thier stuff. Caveat Emptor. E Pluribus Unum. Chinga Tu Madre.