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Dec 14, 2007 07:47 PM

Xmas Eve Dining in Dallas

Can anyone recommend dining on Xmas Eve in Dallas uptown, downtown, Oak Lawn area? Thanks.

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    1. re: davhud

      Not sure if Hattie's is open or not...BUT it's in Oak Cliff - Bishop Arts District.

    2. Not exactly in the neighborhood your asking about, but very close. Bijoux at Inwood and Lovers Lane has a very nice special menu on Christmas Eve. I just got the e-mail today. Looks very nice and the food is superb.

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      1. re: Mike C. Miller

        It's probably too late, but here's a list:

        Also, from Pegasus News:

        Christmas Eve Dinner
        Three course dinner
        4:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., Mignon ($54.95


        Christmas Eve Dinner
        5 p.m. to 6:15 p.m., Fearing's Restaurant ($145)

        Christmas Eve Dinner
        5 p.m. to 9 p.m., 62 Main

        Christmas Eve Dinner
        5 p.m. to 10 p.m., Daddy Jack's Wood Grill ($30)

        Christmas Eve Dinner
        5:30 p.m., The Grape ($45)

        Christmas Eve Dinner
        5:30 p.m., Bijoux ($85 - $125)

        Christmas Eve Dinner
        6 p.m. to 10 p.m., The Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek ($95 - $150)

        Christmas Eve Dinner
        6 p.m. to 10 p.m., Pyramid Grill ($65)

        Christmas Eve Dinner
        7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., Fearing's Restaurant ($145)

        Also at Fairmont,

        We wanted to go to the Christmas Brunch at Fairmont ($75pp), but it's sold out! We're going to Intercontinental ($49) instead.

        1. re: kuidaore

          Thank god that the Fairmont was sold out. We went there for Thanksgiving it was horrible, pathetic and a total rip off. The Fairmont was good years ago, but no more. My family went there for years and is going to the four seasons this year.

          On the other hand Ms. Picky and I are making lamb chops here at home. I simply could not take another big buffet meal.

          1. re: irodguy

            The Christmas brunch at Intercontinental was bad, too. (The best thing was the OJ. It was very good.) It was like cruise ship food in a cafeteria setting and some cruise ships do better!

            How was Four Seasons?

            1. re: kuidaore

              Four Seasons was mediocre at best. I can literally eat 48 oysters in one sitting - absolutely one of my favorite foods on earth. The oysters on the raw bar were miniscule and mediocre tasting. The sushi was yuck. I did very much enjoy the shrimp and crab claws, but they should have used Central Market's cocktail sauce.

              The hollandaise on the eggs benedict was overly salty. The omelette was average.

              Yada, yada, yada.

              Kuidaore, you might find this funny. When my mother asked me what I liked the best, I told her the OJ!!!

              1. re: Epicurious Esquire

                Sounds like Ms Picky and I did best for lunch. We went to First Chinese BBQ in Plano. Had bbq pork and duck soup and sizzling tofu.

                I then came home and made 8dz cookies for a friends wedding. Ms. PIcky is now cleaning the kitchen for me and then I will make Lamb chops for dinner. Entire cost for the day for both of us about $30 and no venturing out of Plano :-)

                1. re: irodguy

                  I've been meaning to try 1st Chinese BBQ for quite some time, and I did so just the other day.


                  1. re: irodguy

                    We went to Maxim's last Christmas and wanted to go back there, but we had to take my companion's mother and she will NOT eat anything but meat and potatoes.

                    She gave us great glazed honey ham, though. We should've stayed home and had that ham. She offered to cook a Christmas dinner, but her son refuses to eat her dishes...

                  2. re: Epicurious Esquire

                    Epicurious Esquire,

                    At least you got oysters (probably you paid more for your brunch ;-) We didn't even get mediocre oysters--just smoked salmon, mussels and scallops. Crab claws and shrimp weren't bad. Sushi was almost inedible. All the hot dishes weren't hot, but almost cold. So was coffee.

                    Maybe Intercontinental and Four Seasons use the same catering company???

                    1. re: kuidaore

                      I just wanted to report on Craft which my family and I went to for Christmas brunch this year. We had previously done the Mansion but didn't want to pay the exorbitant $95 for their brunch this year. Everything at Craft was a la carte and was not all that different from their standard brunch. Overall, though, I thought the meal was great and we got out for around $30 per person. The restaurant was only 1/2 full probably because they didn't advertise that they were offering brunch on Christmas day.

                      1. re: Bhutani

                        We wish we knew about Craft! I called a bunch of restaurants to see if they were open on Christmas Day.

                        There were lots of people at Intercontinental. They had over 100 tables in the ballroom with the table number on each table.

                2. re: irodguy

                  I'll second that the Fairmont Christmas brunch this year was very disappointing. We wound up getting 2 of the 6 meals comped. For $75 we kind of expected the steak to at least be edible. We went last year at Thanksgiving and thought it to be very nice. May try Thanksgiving again, but never Christmas.

                  1. re: lbelle

                    Don't try Thanksgiving either. They changed their format from not bad to horrible. We were there at Thanksgiving, it will be the last time we eat there. The had a very small buffet of really cheap bad food and then the "main course" that you ordered. The turkey was simply horrific, the "prime rib" was dry, the only thing half way good was the fish.

                    1. re: lbelle

                      Suppose that I must chime in, if people are talking about their dining experience on Christmas Day. We went to the Landmark at the Melrose hotel, and it was incredible...I expected that it would be good, but it went way beyond our expectations...The selections were marvelous and bountiful, and the quality was superb....Highly recommend it for next Christmas....

                      1. re: jinet12

                        Yep it looked good in the write ups. It will be on our list next year, unless I can talk everybody into doing it at the house.