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Mar 9, 2000 11:22 PM

Anaheim: Best Mexican Restaurant

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Will be in town for a conference and looking to get a sample of the best restaurants in the area...Any suggestions??


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  1. adhir - from your last name i'm guessing you are parsi. which city are you from? i'm only asking because i'm hoping that someone, somewhere knows cyrus davierwallah, who ran one of my favourite restaurants ever - called parsi, funnily enough - here in nyc. cyrus closed down his location, but not before promising us that he'd be back better situated. since every bawa is related :) i'm accosting every parsi i meet for info....

    in any case, are you privileged enough to have a parsi restaurant in your area?

    1. My favorite Mexican restaurant is El Farolito, located in Placentia just north of Anaheim. It's a longstanding, family-owned restaurant where the emphasis has always been on quality food. El Farolito is at 201 S. Bradford Ave. less than two blocks south of Chapman Ave. and just a couple blocks east of the 57 freeway.