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Dec 14, 2007 05:42 PM

Seattle: Need some quick suggestions...

Spending this weekend there, need a good fun Mexican place for late lunch, romantic but unpretentious place for dinner, good breakfast spot. Staying at the Edgewater if that matters...thanks!

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  1. The Mexican lunch is an easy choice in my opinion, go with Cactus in either West Seattle or Madison Park. The one in West Seattle has great views, its right on Alki Beach. There are plenty of great breakfast spots around Seattle, I happen to like Crave but that has to do with how close it is to where I live. Cafe Campagne is within walking distance from your hotel tho if you think a high end French breakfast sounds tasty. As for dinner, how about Matt's in the Market or Lark. Have fun.

    1. I second Cactus which has a very Sante Fe style rather than pure Mexican and certainly not TexMex. For breakfast: LOLA. Order Tom's "Big Breakfast". For your romantic dinner, the upstairs bar at Maximillien's At The Market.

      1. Just wanted to say THANKS for the suggestions, they sound GREAT. Really appreciate it.

        1. For Mexican, go to Il Puerco Lloron on the Pike Place Hillclimb steps behind Pike Place Market -- you can walk there from the Edgewater. They have the best tamales in town and is way more "authentic" than Cactus (though I like Cactus). I also second Matt's in the Market for dinner. Or Restaurant Zoe on Second Ave

          1. kill two birds .. why not go to Ballard and have mexican breakfast? Senor Moose ... really great also in Ballard is Carta de Oaxaca (saturday lunch .. not sure how late though) a great "lunch" also is sitting at the bar at le pichet.. have some oysters, cremante and pate .. Matt's for dinner is great.. so is Zoe or head up to Cap Hill and have dinner at Quinn's .. a bit more quiet would be the bar at Union .. have fun!

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              Senor Moose is great for dinner, too. Always something creative and unexpected and good.