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Dec 14, 2007 05:27 PM

Best congnac for around $40?

I know that doesn't leave much, but that is my sad/sorry price range.
Any advice would be great.

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  1. I am far from a Cognac expert, but I really enjoyed the Fillioux Balzac (VSOP), which I was able to get for around $30.

    1. Again, there is no "best" -- it's up to each individual's palate. Ms. X may prefer ______, while Mr. Y may prefer ____________ over the other one.

      That said, Maison Surrenne -- -- is a small producer, still family-owned, that makes outstanding Cognacs. The Maison Surrenne Ancienne Distillerie Petite Champagne Cognac carries a retail price of $32-35, and is MUCH better than anything from the major houses at that level.

      Another delicious option is Cognac Tesseron -- -- which starts out in the mid-$40s, and is also quite delicious.

      Also truly superb are the Cognacs from Logis de la Mothe -- -- which is another small producer that has been around for generations, and well worth looking for.

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      One suggestion that has already been mentioned is Germain-Robin -- -- a California Alambic brandy produced "in the style of" a fine Cognac. (Hubert Robin's family produced Cognac for generations, prior to finally selling their firm to Martell.) Truly excellent brandy. Their Alambic starts in the mid-$30s.

      1. I second the motion on Germain Robin - this is alembic brandy not cognac (it is made in California so can't be cognac) but it is excellent. They have a range of products and prices - you can blind taste against France 4X price and blow their doors off. Kithenn

        1. You should be able to grab a bottle of Pierre Ferrand Ambre for that price range as well.