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Dec 14, 2007 05:19 PM

St. Armands Circle Lunch recs for a Boston CH

In a few weeks, I'll be spending one day walking around the shops, and will be by myself for most of the day I already have dinner plans with some people but will be on my own until then. I don't mind sitting at a "table for one." If it's nice weather, I prefer outdoor seating. What are some of your favorites in the area. I enjoy almost all kinds of food, so all recs welcome. Thanks. I appreciate your replies.

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  1. I really enjoy the Columbia there, on the circle. Hearty cuban soups, a signature "1905" salad prepared tableside (get it with the garlic shrimp), and stone crabs if you want a bit of luxury. And you can get a 2-top table outside. Interesting people watching, and we're enjoying wonderful short sleeve weather.
    Catsmeow, you will purr. Better than anything on Newbury Street in July.

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      Thanks Veggo, I looked at their menu online. Some of the tapas look very good. Hopefully the weather will be nice.

    2. I agree with the Columbia. You can sit outside and watch the crowds go by. Fun, especially if you are alone. I also second the 1905 salad, I always order it. The cuban sandwich with the 1905 salad is also a winner. Black bean soup too. Enjoy! Right now our weather is fanfastic!

      1. Thanks for the recs. I just returned from my trip. I went to the Columbia for lunch and got the 1905 salad and 1/2 Cuban sandwich combo as well as did some people watching. Very good! It finally warmed up after the cold snap that welcomed me The night before I went to the Beach Bistro for dinner with some people....gorgeous view.. We also went to Bone Fish for dinner on another eve. Pretty good for a chain. Very good drinks. I got a pear mojito that was different and very good. I appreciate the suggestions. Thanks again!

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          Nicely curteous of you to follow up - glad it went well!

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            My pleasure. I always like to see feedback on recs I give on the Boston board. It is nice to see feedback after recs. Thanks again!

        2. Tommy Bahamas is not's a fun place...very tropical atmosphere. Some very creative dishes.

          Edit: just noticed that it's after the fact. Never mind!