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Mar 5, 2000 03:05 PM

Beijing/Peking Duck

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What's the best place to get it in the LA area? I've heard that Quanjude is good. Also notice that Yujean Kang has it on their menu--as does everyone else in town...

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  1. Other places have it, but Quanjude, on Garvey in Rosemead, is really the only place to eat Beijing duck: It is a full-fledged branch of the original Beijing duck restaurant in Beijing itself, roasts its ducks over charcoal instead of deep-frying them, and serves the skin properly, in a separate service. The multicourse duck dinners are great too, although the third time the duck hearts come around you may wish the menu was a little less comprehensive.

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      I can't find this restaurant in the Yellow Pages unless it's listed under a different name. Is it one of these?

      China Islamic Restaurant 7727 Garvey Ave (626) 288-4246
      Sizzlin Wok 8117 Garvey Ave (626) 280-1004


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        Yes they are the only place, really. Unfortunately, a while ago, the Chinese investors pulled out. And then they ahve made TOO many concessions to the Taiwanese/Southerners who live in the area. So the banquets now have abalone and shark's fin and no Shandong style seafood. And the six-course appetizer eight course all duck meal is gone. And the shuijing yashe/crystal duck tongue (tongue in aspic) is gone, and that's unfortunate. Quanjude uses the open open for the ducks (Bianyifang in Beijing, the main competitor there uses a closed oven). The number of duck dishes on the menu has SHRUNK considerably at the Rosemead Quanjude. I believe they can still make the classic banquet menu if you have a copy of the old menu bit I doubt it. AS well, they know longer serve Ba-si Pingguo, the pulled silk thread apples, apples are cooked in a thick syrup, then fried, then brought hot to the table, then dipped in ice water, making the outside of the apple fritter cold and crunchy, pulling the sugar into a thread and leaving the interior warm and soft.

        I MISS THAT DISH. HOwever, the duck is still excellent, they are the only place in town (and probably the US) that DOESN'T use hoisin sauce but rather tianmianjiang as a dipping sauce and they serve both the "mandarin pancakes" and kongxinbing, round hollow sesame wheat cakes, similar to the rectangular shaobing but much less greasy.
        But give quanjude a try. And definitely try to get some of the old dishes if you advance order (duck breast in wine lees, braised [soup] of breast, tongue and webbing [three whites], shrimp and duck gizzards, all interesting and I liked them).