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Dec 14, 2007 03:28 PM

Advice: Gayle or James?

Am trying to decide between Gayle and James for dinner in a few weeks. People seem to enjoy both, but I'm a picky girl. Any thoughts or comparisons?
For a bit of background, if I had one day left to live, I'd probably cook breakfast myself (Neuske's bacon, eggs poached sous vide, and homemade waffles with greek yogurt and fruit), eat lunch at the Magic Carpet food truck, and have dinner at Marigold Kitchen.

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  1. My preference would be for Gayle. Both have good food but the portions at James are so unbelievably tiny! I had scallops for my entree and the portion was 2 scallops or maybe less (might have been sliced in half). My husband had fish and his portion was also very small (but not as small as mine). At Gayle the food is excellent and the portions are normal.

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      This I don't understand. I recently went to James (early November), and came away completely stuffed with just an appetizer, a main, and a dessert (no wine or anything).
      I had the Risotto alla Kristina, which I'd heard great things about (and which I found to be bland, and which, for some reason had a chunk of cold butter sitting on top of it), the Duck Tagliatelle with chocolate and orange, which was very good, and the chocolate terrine (with fried bread, fleur de sel and orange zest) which was fantastic.
      The chicken dish and the Rabbit Agnolotti with grapes were the two best things though.

      I went to Gayle a long time ago, but I plan on going again soon (hopefully on a Veal Stew night). I had a great meal, but the Endive Parfait was the most memorable thing I had, and I haven't had anything that's currently on the menu.

      If you like Marigold Kitchen I'd advise you head there before the new year, as they're changing from their mediterranean/middle eastern-influenced cuisine to southern, updated-comfort food, which just doesn't appeal to me.

      1. re: bagwhat

        !?! Where did you hear about a change at Marigold? Is this because of Michael and Steve's new place?