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Dec 14, 2007 02:56 PM

2nd Avenue Deli re-opening

It's official 2nd Avenue Deli is re-opening on monday 12/17 at 162 E 33rd St (between 3rd and Lex). The store had been boarded up for a few months now while it was under construction, but today as I walked by there was a waiter outside with an Apron on. I asked about the opening and he not only told me it was monday he took me inside to look around. They were having a test run with friends and family tonight so a lot of waiters and people were hanging out. It has a full bar and while there isn't as much seating as they had at their last location, it is all brand new and looks real nice.

I am looking forward to my first pastrami on monday

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  1. There was a nice, repeating piece on the opening on WINS radio today. Clearly they're getting the word out to those of us who still crave artery clogging deli.

    1. Via eater, lots of great interior pics on Gothamist:

      I'm guessing that on Monday, the line to get in is going to surpass anything we've seen at the Shake Shack! lol

      1. I was so sad when the original one closed--we'd been going there for years. Now I can't wait to try the new one!

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          go to SAVETHEDELI.COM for an up to date preview of Mondays opening. It opens at 6am if you are interested.