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Dec 14, 2007 02:38 PM

Cheap and tasty near the Salton Sea?

Hi all,

I'll be heading the the Salton Sea right after Christmas for a few days of birding, and I'm looking for recommendations for inexpensive but tasty lunch and dinner places in the area. (We'll be staying right off the 111, near the Sonny Bono Wildlife Refuge). We're open to any kind of cooking; places with beer and wine a plus.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. I was waiting to see what would show up and it looks like you may need to pack a lunch. Came across this rather odd entry for the Salton Sea, if you don't already know about it:

    Claims there is fairly good Chinese restaurant in Niland, though the former favorite Gaston's is now closed.

    Happy birding. And let us know if you come up with any chow out that way.

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      Hi Piglet,
      I am planning a trip in early spring and would love to hear if you find any jewels. I lived in that area over 20 years ago and (due to the limited population and tourist interest) the area surrounding the Sea was a dining and basic services wasteland between Indio and Brawley. I doubt if things have changed that much although the prison in Calpatria probably created a local dining demand. A major detour but there were surprising good Chinese and French restaurants in Mexicali. But what is bad for visitors is probably good for wildlife. Some of the best migratory birding is in the Niland area.

    2. I I can't vouch for it but in Niland is the Ski Inn. I picked this up on Yelp and it doesn't sound bad.

      1. Thanks for your replies--I suspected there would be slim pickings out there...

        But the Ski Inn sounds like a hoot! And in the unlikely event that we find any unheralded culinary treasures out there, I'll let you know!