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Dec 14, 2007 01:41 PM

Vegetarian ideas in D.F.?


I'm the omnivorous food enthusiast, and my boyfriend is the vegetarian who is joining me on a trip to Mexico City for New Years. Of course I'm looking forward to it and he's sort of dreading his dining options.

Does anyone have any ideas for either veg. restaurants or places that would be friendly to both of us? Or maybe just some ideas on what to order (I've already thought of quesadillas, flor de calabasa, etc).

Any advice would be much appreciated. Oh, and if anybody wants to throw in some interesting ideas for art openings, fabulous parties, cool events going on, etc, I'm all ears!


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  1. D.F. has lots of Veggie friendly options... not sure how many of them are Omni-vore friendly however (Veggies tend to sacrifice flavor)...

    Here are some ideas:

    There is also a chain of "Health Foods" raw foods, organic pizza, pasta & sandwiches, salads, soups & smoothies... I can't remember the name but they are everywhere (60 or so locations mostly located in the Business & Tourist districts typically on the ground floor of high rises).

    They have a number of chain competitors some having a bit more Mexican cuisine than others... I like one that offers Nopales & Pineapple smoothies, good Mexican soups, spinach & Mushroom Salads & Organic, Veggie Gorditas etc., (I don't remember the name but they have one in the Domestic Terminal at Benito Juarez Airport.... its the closest business to the airport shuttle exit).