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Feb 20, 2000 05:37 PM

Indian Restaurants

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Where is the best Indian restaurant in the Los Angeles area for both food and ambience?

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    Michelle Issa

    Bombay Cafe in Santa Monica

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      I'm doing a little Chowhound "catchup" today, having just returned from a computerless week away. (Hence, the delay in my response.) Bombay Cafe is a good suggestion, especially if you're on the West Side of Los Angeles. If you're on the East Side, in the Pasadena area, you can try the All India Cafe. The similarity to the Bombay Cafe's menu is no accident, since the owners are Santokh Singh, the former chef at Bombay Cafe, and his brother Lakhvir. All India has a second restaurant on Santa Monica Blvd. in West L.A. I also suggest that you scroll down on the Los Angeles Board until you hit "Indian restaurants in Los Angeles," which yours truly posted on December 3, 1998. There is a lot of good information in that string.

    2. No contest: Rajdoot, an ultrafancy place at the top of the Little India strip of Pioneer Boulevard in Artesia. Chameli, a Punjabi-style vegetarian restaurant in Rosemead is also elegant as well as good. Both act very much as cultural centers for the local Indian community.

      1. my new favorite is India Grill on the corner of la cieniga and san vincente. I love chicken tika masala, and that's good there. but everything I've tried is well prepared and tasty. not cheap, but reasonable.