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Dec 14, 2007 01:26 PM

Your favorite Bloody Mary in Baltimore?

I'm a huge Bloody Mary fan and was wondering who you all thought makes the best.

FYI, when i make em at home I use clam juice, fresh grated horseradish, and old bay... so if you like em with those ingredients (amongst the other obligatory ingredients) please let me know where you go for them!


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  1. IMHO, Mamas on The Half Shell, they come in a pint glass and are adorned with giant olives and pickled green beans. They are delicious!

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      thanks for the recommendation! I went to Mama's on The Half Shell for brunch today and I must agree, their Bloody Mary is fantastic! I like em spicy so it hit the spot for me. Unfortunately, I had my first bad meal at Mama's today. I ordered the Seafood Eggs Benedict (one with lobster the other with crab) and both poached eggs were extremely overcooked (so much so that the yolk was chalky looking on the inside). It was pretty disappointing, as I've come to expect a pretty high standard from them.

      Either way, thanks again for the recommendation!

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        I was there yesterday for brunch too!! Sorry you had a bad food experience, I would have sent the eggs back. Generally their food is consistantly good, thats a shame.

    2. Merkado on P Street between 14th and 15th has a few bloody mary's that we really enjoyed for brunch. It's been a while since we've been there, but the ones we tried really had some punch. Not sure about the specific ingredients, but definitely worth checking out!

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        thank you for the suggestion, ill have to check it out

      2. The Johns Hopkins Club has a great breakfast accompanied by a "Build-your-own" Bloody Mary. Fantastic way to celebrate a Sunday with friends & family. If you know a Hopkins alum who is a member, I urge you to finagle an invitation!

        1. The Dirty Gertie at Gertrude's!!! ----> has Absolut Citron and the restaurant's own bloody mix. If I remember correctly (uh oh!), I think it comes with a shrimp garnish. Or, go for Dr. Claribel's Love Potion for a quick fix.

          I also remember liking the bloody at Jordan's. Nothing like a bloody on Preakness morning!

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            oh that sounds good with the shrimp! ill have to check that out

            1. re: MarcDC

              my vote goes to gecko's on fleet st. nick, the owner is often bartending, & he's got the perfect touch. any time, day or nite, if i see him behind the bar, i gotta have one!