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Dec 14, 2007 01:07 PM

NYE: Irene's or Tommy's?

Hi all!

I'm taking some friends out for NYE dinner and we'll be going to the House of Blues afterwards. Have been looking for Italian places within a reasonable walking distance from HOB, and both Irene's and Tommy's seem to garner favorable reviews here. I haven't been to either, though I've seen Tommy's menu online and have read that the two are fairly similar given the connection between the owners.

My concerns are quality of the food, atmosphere, and showing some New Orleans first-timers a good time. I don't know how quiet or intimate we can expect anywhere to be on NYE, but I would definitely lean towards that sort of experience. Would anyone suggest one place over the other, or am I in good hands at both?

Thanks, any thoughts are appreciated!

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  1. Although the menus are quite similiar, the food at Irene's is much, much better. I also prefer the ambience in the front room and they do take reservations.

    1. Irene's, without hesitation. Not only is the food better (and slightly more affordable), but its also closer to House of Blues.

      1. Irenes is so much better....but you're delusional if you expect either to be quiet and intimate at any time, much less New Years Eve!! Quiet and intimate are what the dead restaurants that have no business are!

        1. Irenes. no comparison. Irene's was amazing! Tommys was so so!