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Dec 14, 2007 12:48 PM

Greystone Grill in Columbia

Last night I went on a business dinner to Greystone Grill in Columbia, MD. The place was decorated nicely and the service was just fine.
I usually do not choose chain restaurants, but the boss specifically requested this place, and I was quite pleased, in spite of myself. I had the wedge salad, petite filet and baked potato. Around the table others had the Greystone salad- a weird looking thing with candied cashews, dried cranberries, blue cheese and rasberry vinegrette. One coworker had a very tempting dish: the champagne shrimp over linguine. It came in a creamy sauce with tomato and mushrooms. Looked fantastic. The others who had the tilapia said it was overly and unexpectedly breaded.
So, despite my adoration of The Prime Rib, I have to say this is more than passable for those times when you just don't want to dress up. You will pay the same amount, but it's a more modern atmosphere and very suitable for business dinners. If you can get over the drive to Columbia or Hunt Valley, give it a try!

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  1. I've been twice to the Hunt Valley location, both times for work occasions (and because there aren't that many restaurants in this price range appropriate for dinner-hosting a recruit in the area). First time -- tilapia with mango chutney was, like the above poster commented, really breaded and rather greasy for having been as described "pan-seared". The peach mango chutney that came with it was almost definitely out of a jar, so nothing special. The second time we started with a disappointing appetizer - blue crab/artichoke fondue... the crab meat was barely noticeable in the very cheesy/creamy/heavy dish. For dinner, I took the leap on the special -- prime rib with a demi glace of lobster, shitake mushrooms, and spinach -- and it was surprisingly good. The meat itself was close to cooked to order - a quite tender medium rare. My side of wild rice with cashews was nondescript and passable (boiled cashews are kind of a weird texture). The waiter didn't quote the price, and I didn't see the final check, but I'm pretty sure the price for this special worked out to > $40.

    I did enjoy the wedge salad both times I was there, and the atmosphere is fine for business dinners, though just a big loud and generally lacking in any sort of character. It's a lot of food, any which way. If I go back (undoubtedly for another business occasion), while I'd probably find the food passable, I'd consider the specials.

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      I haven't been to either location, but I think my company has almost quit using it for business dinners because it's not that interesting or special, and from what some of our VPs tell me, it's pretty inconsistent.

      In Hunt Valley you have better choices for a business dinner, but there's just not that much in Columbia, unless you go to Cafe de Paris. That's great, but not necessarily a business atmosphere.

    2. Greystone has a place in the new Rockville Town Center (sic), so I'm glad to hear from other hounds before I go, if ever. Honestly, the menu looked overpriced and pretentious, and given other choices in Rockville, I will probably pass.