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Dec 14, 2007 12:39 PM

Offal in Sacramento?

Do any restaurants in the Sacramento area serve offal? Sweatbreads, liver, tongue, heart, etc. I am interested in trying some well-prepared nasty bits but am having a tough time locating restaurants...

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  1. Not in Sac! Much too out there for folks from Sacramento. Maybe, maybe the Waterboy or The Kitchen, as a special.

    1. Hi.. I would suggest contacting the Bee's food editor/critic. Many of his reviews mention sweetbreads, rabbit, elk, etc. Considering that these type of meats are popular fall menu items, it should be easy, at least for sweetbreads. (have you looked at Waterboy? I think they have it on their menu) As for tongue, there are some mexican restaurants along Franklin Blvd. that serve it in tacos, etc.

      1. Macau Cafe has excellent curry tongue on rice.

        Waterboy has sweatbreads.

        1. Depends on what you are looing for. Many taquerias serve offal in some form. If you are looking for fancy French-style offal, Waterboy is a good choice. We do not have the scale of high-end restaurants seen in major cities, so most places here stick to the basic meats.

          1. Some personal favorites from across the economic and ethnic spectrum ... sweetbreads at Waterboy; liver and onions at Market Club; tacos de lengua at La Favorita; bible tripe (in pho) at Pho Bac Hoa Viet; smooth / honeycomb tripe (in menudo) at Xochimilco. Can't think of anybody who does grilled ox heart, though.