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Dec 14, 2007 12:38 PM

Red Ginger (Caribbean) in Georgetown...insert cricket chirps

I don't know if it's my palette or simply that no one is going there, but Red Ginger for Caribbean food is Georgetown is some pretty good fare. I am no expert on Caribbean, but I loved all the tastes that came my way. But no one has posted on it, nor was anyone else in the restaurant.

The Jerk Chicken lollipops were surprisingly delicious, with multiple yet distinct flavors and spices coming forefront. My wife had the "fried red tomatoes", which were equally good.

My entree was the pork in a sugar whiskey sauce with greens and mashed sweet potatoes. While none of those 3 elements blew me away, I was certainly satisfied and happy with my meal, especially when I am not eating Caribbean frequently.

Is anyone out there? Are you eating Caribbean? Thoughts? Bueller?

They must be doing something right if they are opening a caribbean-french place in Dupont next month.

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  1. I like Islander Caribbean on U Street, but I've never eaten at Red Ginger. Every time I walk by, it's empty. Islander has very tasty food, and a laid-back atmosphere. I'd be curious to hear from anyone who's been to both and can offer comparison points.

    1. Five Chowhounds got together for lunch at Red Ginger about two years ago. We were very satisfied, though we were the only ones in there. I remember a mac n' goat cheese that was particularly good. I haven't made it back since, so I guess although I liked it, I was not inspired enough to return. Maybe your post will give me impetus.

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        Wow. Seriously, I don't know what the deal is. It always seems to be empty. The chef is the owner and was our server. Seemed like a great guy and he is, like I said, opening up another on in Dupont.

        Alas, thanks for the info and the Island Caribbean tip. Until next time!