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Feb 18, 2000 11:05 PM

caipirihinas--the Brazilian drink

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I am trying to find a caipirinia (the Brazilian drink
made of cashasa) anywhere in Los Angeles.preferably on
the west side...can't find any Brazilian restaurant
that seves them...any ideas?

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  1. Try Zabumba, a popular expat joint on Venice near Overland in Culver City, where you can definitely get a caipirinha with your grilled frango or banana pizza. The food tends to be a little better at Cafe Brasil on the next block, but that restaurant is strictly BYOB.

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    1. re: j gold

      Interestingly enough, I wound up at Zabumba before
      seeing this message..they serve a "caipirisco" (made
      with fermented vodka) and wine license only.
      They cannot serve a caipirihina because of the cashasa.
      The owner of Zabumba (when hearing my story) told me
      the only place in L.A. to find a real caipirihina is at
      the Canal Club on Venice and Pacific (former location
      of Rebecca's)...a friend of mine also told me that Moho's, the bar at the "W" (formerly the Westwood
      Marquis), also serves the drink.

      1. re: Tom Linton
        Jessica Nemeroff Ritz

        Although not as good as the ones I've had in NYC, I enjoyed a zesty one at Ciudad downtown recently.

        1. re: Jessica Nemeroff Ritz

          If you want to make your own, the Beverage Warehouse in Marina del Rey stocks three or four different kinds of cachaca.