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Dec 14, 2007 11:21 AM

Good Italian Food

Anyone know a good Italian Restaurant in the Bay Area?

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  1. Italian Italian? Cali-Italian? Northern Italian? Southern? Sicilian? You'll get as many opinions as you want.

    My daughter and her boyfriend went to Pizzaiolo last Saturday night and LOVED the food, even more than Incanto the night before (husband and I went there too and found the food a bit too salty. I also find Oliveto over-salted frequently and wish they would let the diner add more if they wish to.)

    La Cicchia is one of my favorites.

    My Italian friend (from the Marche) says Riva Cuchina in Berkeley is most like food in Italy: lighter and purer flavors. I spent all of two weeks in Italy total, so I'll have to bow to his opinion. I do like the restaurant a very great deal.

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      Riva Cucina is really good. I like Pizzaiolo too, but I definitely like the lighter, cleaner flavors of Riva. They are really two very different styles of Italian.

    2. There have maybe been 50-100 or more discussions here of Italian restaurants in the past 6-12 months. It would be worth your while to do a "Search this board" search to find some prior threads.

      Some of the better regarded Italian restaurants in SF include Da Flora, Ideale, Milano, Antica Trattoria, Osteria del Forno, Incanto, Delfina, Perbacco & Acquerello.

      A lot depends on what type of Italian food you are looking for and how much you want to spend.

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        Cafe Ideale--that's another my very Italian friend likes. But I haven't eaten there.

        Riva Cucina is finally open for dinner Saturday! And they expanded--hope that doesn't ruin things. The kids who own it are lovely.

      2. I love l'Osteria del Forno on Columbus. It is really small so be prepared to either wait for a table or just be in a small space. I love the food there and I have probably spent 6 months in Italy off and on and I find this place to be very authentic.

        1. Probably the easiest search is to look at the Places section on this site. There are as of this post 93 Italian restaurants.