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Dec 14, 2007 11:16 AM

bahn mi

Where can one find a delicious vietnamese sandwich in Austin?
crustily yours.

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  1. Tam Deli on North Lamar
    Lily's Sandwich on North Lamar in the Chinatown Center

      1. Tam's Deli - on North Lamar. I hear they make a salt and pepper squid version that's not on the menu.

        Lilly's Sandwich - on North Lamar in Chinatown center. They make a vegetarian version that's not on the menu.

        Pho Van - on 183/Peyton Gin next to Din Ho. They make a great tofu version that's not on the menu. The bread here is the best in my opinion, very toasty...

        I don't think Ba Le exists anymore, but they used to have some good sandwiches i hear.

        I've heard of a place on Grand Avenue Parkway up in Pflugerville. apparently they also sell cell phones there? Don't know the name of the place, but i've heard good reviews on it... Anyone know what i'm talking about? ;)

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        1. re: abidonfood

          There is a relatively new place called Thanh Nhi on North Lamar that is getting some good buzz. Have any hounds tried it yet? I'll try to stop by this week.

          1. re: Mike B

            I tried Thanh Nhi and liked it very much. The Bahn mi were pork and pate based; I think there was a chicken variation. Ingredients very fresh and tasty. The bread was a crispy bollilo--seems to be the Texas standard for bahn mi, rather than French bread. The pho had a nice tasty broth. I will definitely return.

                1. re: brattpowered

                  Ooops! I never followed up on that post.

                  I agree with all the recommendations. Great food and great service at Thanh Nhi. Get the grilled pork paste spring rolls! So good they are pictured over every table.

        2. Lily's is the best (and most traditional) in town. In the new MT Supermarket shopping center. They had some start up problems, but they've been ironed out.

          1. Has anyone ever been to Banh Mi Express (on E. Riverside)? I drive past it all the time but have never gone inside. Any other recs on the south side of town? I know it's on Hai Ky's menu, but they don't list any pate in the description so I haven't tried it.

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            1. re: renz

              Banh Mi Express seeme to have been there for quite a while (at least 2004), but I had never seen it or tried it. That might be a destination of mine tomorrow.

              1. re: sqwertz

                Where is this place exactly ? Am I right that it is on the other side of the street from El Regio & Regiomontana ? I did a drive-by on my way home from work tonight and couldn't see it.

                I could use another lunch option in that area because, well, I'll admit, I'm actually getting tired of Tomgro and the other carts around there. There, I said it.

              2. re: renz

                Just to update, Banh Mi Express has been gone for I don't know how long (sign's still up, though) and Hai Ky took their's off the menu. So one of these day's I'll have to drive over to that trailor everyone's buzzing about.

                1. re: renz

                  Do yourself a favor and *don't* go to Lily's (that trailer that everyone's been buzzing about).

                  I wouldn't say that it's bad, but for $5 dollars a sandwich, it is truly disappointing. It wasn't even that tasty either. You'd be much better off at Than Nhi. That'd buy you almost two sandwiches.

                  1. re: nk.

                    Lulu B's is the trailer in South Austin. Lily's Sandwich is the joint in Chinatown on North Lamar.

                    1. re: mkwng


                      Thanks for clearing that up.

                      I was talking about Lulu B's on S. Lamar next the Office Supply Store.

                      Lily's is good for meat eaters, but their vegetarian sandwiches are pretty terrible.