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Feb 13, 2000 03:12 PM

French restaurants in Los Angeles

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I'd love to have some recommendations for exceptional restaurants in Los Angeles. Bistros with authentic food would be great.

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  1. The French Country Cafe on N. Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills near the Bank of America building. Excellent lunch, salads, sandwiches, and daily specials. Their bread is delicious in taste and texture. Soup is consistently excellent - the French onion is some of the best I have had a restaurant with a mix of herbs, taste like a combination of a meat and a vegetable stock, tender onions. They are doing dinner too but I haven't tried it.

    1. The best French/Californian restaurant that serves consistently marvelous food and is very good value even considering you will pay $90-100 per couple without wine is Jiraffe in Santa Monica.

      1. On the East side of town I think Cafe Stella on Sunset tucked away in the Sunset Junction is hip and romantic with very good bistro fare, and the new Figaro on Vermont if it will stop opening and closing and opening and closing is very authentic albeit uneven.

        1. For a less formal dinner, try Le Petite Bistro on La Cienega Blvd. just north of Beverly Blvd. I would recommend the chicken with pommes frites. They also have a postage-stamp sized bar at the rear of the restaurant where you can expect to wait for about 15 minutes past your reservation time.

          Noise level can get high at times and tables are really, really close together; but, every dish I have tried there has been very tasty. Good crusty bread and pate, gratis.