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Dec 14, 2007 11:02 AM

Supermarket at State Renaissance Court in Downtown Brooklyn?

Has anyone heard any news on which "luxury market" (Brooklyn Paper's words) will be coming to the State Renaissance Court building in Downtown Brooklyn. (It's at 200 Schermerhorn St at the corner of Hoyt.)

They've started cleaning up the space, but it looks like they've split it in two, so it won't be a full 11,000 square feet.

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  1. The doorman told me it was going to be a Bravo supermarket. I never thought of Bravo as being luxurious.

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    1. re: downtwnbrooklynite

      I hope this isn't the case - Bravo is worse than Key Food and C-Town. If it had to be a traditional NYC chain, I'd pray for a Trade Fair. I just can't believe that Bravo would be able to afford whatever rent this building is charging ...

      1. re: lambretta76

        Gotta agree there.
        Bravo is too ghetto to pay that rent.

        Ugh. Say it isn't so.

        1. re: Larry Brooks

          Crossing fingers. At least the other side of downtown is getting a decent market, even if they are a tad pricey:

          1. re: lambretta76

            Still no movement - it's got a work permit, but nothing has happened in over a month. Must be from the Trader Joe's school of thought.

            1. re: lambretta76

              The space has sadly been divided into two, with the space that solely fronts Schermerhorn soon to house a Red Cross office. No movement has been made in the space that was rumored to be the supermarket, although at this point I doubt that we'll be getting anything like that.

    2. off topic, but does anyone know what's going in on the ground floor of the new condos @ Atlantic and Smith? I believe that I read somewhere that Gourmet Garage was interested, and the new maroon awnings that were recently hung could play into that....

        1. After the original one fell through and the space was subdivided into a smaller (6,000 sq. ft.) space and Red Cross office, a new supermarket has been slotted into this building.

          It's going to be called Brooklyn Fare and - based on its signage - will have decent beer, cheese, and seafood selections. Rumor has it that another one of the smaller storefronts will be a prepared foods area, a boon for Downtown Brooklyn.

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          1. re: lambretta76

            The supermarket finally has a (very basic) website up -

            Constructions is moving along slowly, but they received some refrigerators and freezers last week.

            1. re: lambretta76

              To continue my one-person thread ;)


              The in-house menu is being overseen by a former Bouley alum with 2 NY Times stars.

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                Opening in two weeks! The roster of food is impressive. If they pull this off, it will be among the best markets in the city.

                1. re: lambretta76

                  I stopped in the much-ballyhooed Brooklyn Fare at lunchtime today and was underwhelmed. The prepared foods, cheese and fish sections are SMALL. I didn't notice a sushi section, but about six pre-prepared sushi boxes were sitting in a mostly-empty refrigerated display. The groceries were generic. The windows are filled with... drugstore items. The store's eight customers were standing around the prepared foods / sandwich section while three employees worked at a glacial place on a center island. The space around the island was so narrow that it would be difficult to add more staff without their tripping up one another. I thought about ordering but decided it wasn't worth the wait. (Instead I went to Fast-n-Fresh deli and had an uncommonly delicious pork taco.)

                  Does someone else have a more positive experience?

          2. have only tried baked goods so far - slice of carrot cake grabbed to-go Sat. night was dry, not very flavorful. cream cheese icing was good. A "country" muffin & cheddar/scallion scone grabbed Sun. morning were better. Both were flavorful. Not the best I ever had, but the best option given what else is open early in the morning.