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Dec 14, 2007 10:56 AM

Question regarding Enoteca at Del Posto...

I've made reservations at Del Posto for early January. After reading their menus, I'm actually intrigued by the Enoteca one. Is that a different part of the restaurant or do you just choose that menu when you arrive and are seated? I'm just wondering if I need to let them know that I'm interested in the Enoteca courses. Thanks in advance.

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  1. It is a different part of the restaurant, and you can make reservations specifically for the enoteca. It is not in a different room, but it is tucked away in a corner of the main dining room near the bar. The huge tables and service are the same as in the main dining room, but there is a separate menu.

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      What is the main difference between that and the main menu? Just smaller portions, more options?

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        I'm not sure that courses are smaller at all. I think the main difference is in cost/costly ingredients, but I've never eaten in the main dining room.

    2. When I was there was seated in the main dining room which is not the same part as the enoteca room. You need to tell them before you are seated which menu you are going for because they are seated in different places.

      The main difference of the enoteca and the regular menu is that there are a lot more choices in each section (app, primi, etc.) of the regular menu. You can also do either a la carte or prix fixe or tasting with the regular menu. You can only do the 4 course option (with or w/o wine pairing) in enoteca.

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        you don't have to do the 4 course option in the enoteca room--you can order a la carte