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Dec 14, 2007 10:38 AM

Honeymoon in San Fran

Going to San Fran for my honeymoon. I really need some help. Heres what we are looking for:

Great bar food and places to eat a great dinner at the bar
Great steakhouse
Great american traditional or new amerrican
Great hamburger place
Great seafood

We also would like to try a tapas or dim sum place. Here in Michigan we have very little of either!



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  1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I think the point of daveena's link was the sheer wealth of information to get you started rather than the one specific point. Hope it doesn't keep you up, that'd suck.

        Bar dining: The bars at Incanto and Canteen both get wonderful reviews on here fairly often but are not at all "bar food"....not sure there is great bar food in SF, actually (presuming that means wings, chicken tenders, artichoke and spinach dip and the like)
        Traditional American: Bix
        Burgers: Burgermeister (several locations), the burger at The Zuni Cafe generates a lot of passion
        Seafood: classic SF is The Tadich Grill, other good (better), more modern options - Bar Crudo and Aqua

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          Thanks ccbweb... I think what happens when we get a lot of visitor posts in a short period of time is that regulars will give a few recs, but the information isn't as rich or comprehensive as the info in the archives.

          Please, pmh2244 - it really helps if you can say where you're staying, if you have a car, whether or not you're willing to travel to the East Bay or Peninsula, and what your budget is (dollar amount).

          For bar eating, I'll add Bar Tartine (definitely not classic bar food, unless you consider quail stuffed with foie gras bar food).

      2. Daveena - im sorry i took your post completely the wrong way!!! I hope you can expect my apology.

        We are staying either at the Four Seasons or the Ritz unless any of you know another hotel in the city that is romantic and has good dining?

        Thanks for all the help so far.

        As for the bar food i meant more upscale bar food - nice cheese plates etc.

        Thanks for all the help!

        Not sure about a car but most likely not


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          The St. Regis has Ame in the hotel. The hotel is quite romantic and the restaurant is excellent. Some of the tables in the restaurant help create a very intimate setting though I think it's a bit too large to classify generally as romantic regardless of the table.

          1. re: pmh2244

            No worries - I realized afterwards that just a link, without any accompanying text, could appear abrupt and rude. I'm going to avoid doing that in the future :)

            ccbweb and dinnerout have given a lot of good recs - I actually don't have much first hand knowledge to supplement the info they provided. I'll second Incanto, Canteen, and Bar Crudo, A friend of mine raved about Cav Wine Bar, and mentioned good cheese... it may be worth checking out.

          2. Patrick, if you do a couple of the suggested searches, you should come up with some ideas. Also a sense of what you would like to spend would help - it is expensive in SF. So, some random thoughts - I love Ame, as someone mentioned, it is in the St. Regis. I would go there for one dinner for sure. I would also recommend a dinner at Aziza - you will need to cab it as it is in the outer Richmond. It is Cal-Moroccan and a fun type of environment and food you won't find anywhere else. Dim sum causes a lot of controversy, much of it around the authenticity. Bearing in mind that you said you don't have much of that in Michigan, my suggestion would be Yank Sing - there are two, one open on weekends, the other not. While it is not the most authentic, it is a great place for a dim sum novice. The food is served from carts, and the vast majority of people who work there speak English so you can ask what things are that look unfamiliar to you. If you search dim sum you will get a sense of all of the discussions. I would also try to get into Canteen - though I've not been personally, it is definitely on my list. The Dining Room at the Ritz is very nice and would be a good choice for another upscale dinner. Check out Bix and Nopa - Nopa can be noisy, but it has a fun atmosphere and good food and great cocktails. You can eat at the bar as well. I'd go to Zuni Cafe, an SF classic - I am crazy about the chicken and caesar salad, with espresso granitee for dessert. The classic old school SF seafood place is Tadich Grill (or Sam's) - if you go there, order something simple - fresh Dungeness crab (if you are here when it is in season), sand dabs, petrale sole. No reservations and the line can be long, so if you stagger the time a bit you will be better off. Bar Crudo gets raves as well - I've not been but check it out and see if it is to your liking. For steak, I go to Acme Chophouse, but I don't eat much steak, I must admit. Some other places that are smaller and fun are Isa and Bistro Aix in the Marina and South Park Cafe. We have a lot of good Asian food here of a variety of types - is that of interest to you?

            You can find most of the places folks will mention on Open Table - a good place to get reservations, which you will need. Most of them also have websites so you can get a sense of the menu.

            Give us more sense of how many meals, price points and whether you will be in SF proper the entire time or want to go outside of the City as well.