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Chicken livers 3-4 weeks old...edible?

I've had a tub of livers in my fridge for 3-4 weeks, and a recipe tonight that calls for them. Should I toss them, or are they okay to eat?

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  1. jfood would not even feed them to the dog. :-))

    1. Don't even "burp" the container to find out how fresh they are NOT. Dispose of them as carefully as you would hazardous waste. Go buy some this afternoon. There is enough bad news in the papers around holiday season without us having to read about a whole family wiped out by $2 worth of rancid chicken livers.

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        My goodness, a case in which jfood, Veggo, and Sam agree...toss them without opening.

      2. From my experience, chicken livers don't keep for much more than a week in the fridge. I'll bet they smell rancid. But if you were brave enough to smell them and they smell fine, I'd use them, but cook them thoroughly.

        1. Thanks folks. I had no idea what the shelf life was like on these. You have, perhaps, saved my life. (Or at least my night.)

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            i'd be afraid, really afraid, to even look at them...

          2. NO! Organ meats are *very* perishable. Even chicken parts would not be good after that amount of time.

            1. I absolutely agree with everyone else. Meat, especially organ meat is very perishable. I am curious about one thing: Not that I've ever seen this but if the livers had been "cryovacc'd" and dated, would anyone trust the "Use By" date or would you all just ignore it and toss them?

              1. 4 week old chix livers is a scary thought. I would second the advice to not even open the container to see just how rancid they are. that's a smell that would knock a buzzard off a s**twagon, as they say.

                1. Isn't there a date printed on the packaging? It has to be like within a few days of purchase...

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                  1. When in doubt throw it out.

                    If you have to ask there's doubt ;-)

                    1. I've been know to eat questionable cooked left overs from the fridge, but are you kidding? Call the Hazmat squad.

                      1. According to the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service..."At home, immediately place giblets (or poultry containing giblets) in a refrigerator that maintains 40 °F or below, and use within 1 or 2 days; or freeze at 0 °F or below. If kept frozen continuously, they will be safe indefinitely. For best quality, use giblets within 3-4 months of freezing."

                        So in my view you've recieved some very good information and suggestions from almost everyone here. Everyone that is except 'scuzzo'. Sorry scuzzo, but 3 to 4 week old livers get a 'scuzz' rating on my foodometer and deserve only to be disposed of.

                        Here's the link to the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service 'Factsheet' regarding chicken livers (part of the giblet family).