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favorite lunch places in times square?

i just started working at 42nd st and 7th ave. all the spots in this hood seem to be super touristy (red lobster, olive garden, etc). any good spots in the hood to pick up a quick lunch? i am open to anything.

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  1. check out midtownlunch.com It has loads of good info on where to get some decent lunches in midtown. For the most part though I agree, midtown sucks. My personal favorite is Azuri Cafe on 51st and 9th. They make some fantastic shwarma and falafel. Just stay away from Cafe Europa.

    1. There is a great Japanese style noodle soup shop on Broadway & 39th Street. It has Sushi in the name but I can't remember the rest...

      1. Fashion Soup on 41st betw B'way and 6th Ave
        Cafe Duke on the corner of 41st and B'way is decent

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          La Bonne Soupe should fit the bill nicely

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            I like La Bonne Soupe a lot, but unless you've got an unusually long lunch "hour", getting to/from the low 50s (offhand I forget which) between 5th & 6th, and eating at a "normal" sit-down pace is basically impossible (even by cab during the midweek lunch rush.)

            On the other hand, if the OP is willing to go that far, it opens up many other possibilities as well.

        2. One of my favorite lunch places bec. its quick, tasty and cheap is Yagura, a japanese fast food place with lots of cooked dishes over dish and soup noodle dishes. they have pre-packaged sushi too. It is on 41st & Mad bet. 5th. Totally no frills.

          1. abitino pizza on b way 41 st great pizza run by real italians

            1. sapporo on 49th btw. 6th & 7th. really great ramen, gyoza, yakisoba, and rice dishes. it's one of my favorite places in the city. also, i got a slamming sandwich (turkey, american cheese, hot bacon, lettuce & mayo) the other day from the deli a couple of doors east of sapporo. i am totally forgetting what it was called but it had "delicatessen" in the name. they threw in a bag of bbq chips for free!
              there is also that korean food cart on 49th (same block) as well, i've yet to try it but have heard good things.
              other then that i can suggest pick a pita on w38th btw. 7th & 8th for awesome falafel, hale & hearty (various locals) for yummy, although over priced soups, and sandwich planet. there's loads of other places around. some times i just walk until i find something new that i want to try.

              1. I totally second the recommendation of midtownlunch.com--there are tons of recos there. I work in the low 50's, and places I enjoy between our workplaces include: Taam Tov (Bukharian Jewish food, sort of a blend of Eastern European and Middle Eastern; 47th between 5th and 6th); El Rincon del Sabor (delicious Ecuadorian food in a hidden location, same block); Margon (Dominican) and Minar (Indian), both on 46th between 6th and 7th. Also, I am a huge 'wichcraft fan--you can go to the one in Bryant Park. Oh, and I think you must be near the new location of Kati Roll, which I think it now on 39th St.--so delicious, and I heard that the new location isn't crowded.

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                  i've passed by kati roll, but have never been in. what kind of food is it? what is good to get?

                2. I'm going to pitch for 9th ave. Tons of food between 36th and 50th (let alone above and below) because that's probably as far as you can roam. Burgers, empanadas, beans and rice, thai...

                  Pam's Real Thai, 49th and 9th
                  Deportivo(puerto rican/cuban with lunch specials), 48th and 9th
                  International Market(greek takeaway) 40th and 9th
                  Pakistani Restaurant(cab driver's favorite) 37th and 9th
                  (Kodama Sushi, 45th and 8th)

                  These are the eclectic and interesting choices, one's I like but all you needs is an hour and a willingness to dive into a place you aren't familiar with and you're set. Walk 9th Avenue, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Cheers!

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                    second the above mention. 9th ave is where it's at.

                    we also like chanpen for thai, and there's one other on 48/8, i believe? which was good.

                  2. thank you so much for all the rec's! i'm making a long list of places to visit and will report back. does anyone know more about this korean food cart?

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                      The Korean food cart is nothing spectacular, but if you need a quick fix, it's there.

                      The Jamaican Dutchy on 51st and 7th has good jerk chicken.

                      You're pretty near Sukhadia's (45th between 5th and 6th) if you like chaat and Indian sweets. They also do a decent lunchtime buffet.

                      Piece of Chicken on 46th and 9th is popular with some--in part b/c it's phenomenally cheap. $1 / piece of chicken and most sides. Quality isn't amazing, IMO--but hey, it's $1!

                    2. For my Chinese food fix there is

                      Ying Du
                      273 W 38th St
                      btw 7th and 8th Avenue
                      This place is great if you like roast meats. They have it hanging all out in the window.
                      It came out to $5 for an order of roast pork with your choice of veggies on rice. Its a lot of food and I can barely finish it. They also got a large selection of cooked food. I think its three choices for around $5 (never had it yet). At around 2pm they start to bring out all kinds of buns (the stuff you get in Chinatown) for people going on coffee breaks. I saw them cook them in the back all at C-Town prices. There is also free tea.

                      Lunch Box
                      34th Street btw 7th and 8th.
                      I thought the portions were large at the previous place, but this place is obscene.
                      You can probably feed a whole village in some parts of the world. Its $5 for 5 choices...did I say obscene? They also have a Chinese bakery (Fay Da) in the front. The food and prices are a direct teleport from Chinatown. They are open for both lunch and dinner till 11pm. I think there is a steak special with 3 sides for $8...I heard. Makes the Recession special at Gray's Papaya seem like a joke. Go there hungry.

                      1. Margon for Cuban and Minar for Indian both on 46th btwn 6th and 7th. Great lunch from either for less than $10.

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                        1. Hey jungirl check out the paramount cafe 43rd & B'way next to hardrock cafe fast and delicious and amazing is Carmines on 44 & B'way Lunch at the bar not so fast however but the lunch is great nice hero sand with a salad yum!