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Dec 14, 2007 09:56 AM

King Crab Legs?

I'm looking for a place to take my hubby for our anniversary. I'm really looking for all-you-can-eat king crab legs, if that exists, as he could eat pounds upon pounds of them. Manhattan, the boroughs, Jersey, Long Island - anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Try any of the china buffet places through out NYC they always serve king crab legs plus your regular chinese food and some serve sushi also. And it lunch & dinner prices r for all u can eat

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      What they serve at Chinese buffets are snow crab legs. I not sure I have ever seen king crab legs on all you can eat menus, even at seafood specialists.

    2. We go to a buffet called International Buffet in Garden City, NY (Long Island, near Westbury). They have snow crab legs, hot and cold, plus sushi, prime rib, and just about any other type of buffet food you can think of. It's not what I would call high class OR high quality, but if you're looking to just mow down on crab legs, it's good for that! There used to be a place in Manhattan called Minado that had slightly higher quality Japanese food and crab legs on their buffet, but I believe they're closed now. As I recall, they have a Long Island location though, and that one might still be open - google Minado and you should find something.

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        I think "Minado" chaged thier name as "TODAI".
        They are still runnnig on same place.

        1. re: Bouzu

          Just to put my 2 cents in.

          When you are taliking about King Crab Legs, in my opinion, the only way to truly enjoy and git your moneys worth...

          Is to go to Costco Price Club, buy and cook yer own.

          They are the best, Steam em for 6 or 7 minutes and they are delicious.

          I have found any time I ordered them out, I was dissappointed with both the quality and quantity as well as the PRICE.

          This is one dish you should cook at home.

          Again just my 2 cents...

      2. Other than making your own (my personal choice) Try the Waterfront Crab House in LIC right on the river. Good place to celebrate an occasion, live entertainment and a large assortment of fish and seafood on the menu. Sadly it iis not all you can eat but they do have King crab legs both as an appetizer and entree, so he can order both if he wants. Or maybe order a bucket of blue crabs as a change of pace.

        1. Hi If you don't mind a drive Try Custys in CT. Here is the link.

          Huge Portions See Their Buffet Menue
          Happy Anniversary

          1. I have eaten at Custy's and although it is good,it is not the best in the area.If you go to their website,you will see that they serve snow crab like all the Chinese restaurants do.A big plus for them is that they are five minutes from Foxwoods casino.The best all you can eat lobster buffet in that same area is the Nordic Lodge in Clarlestown,R.I.It is the same price as Custy's,but TAX AND GRATUITY ARE INCLUDED and it is overall better quality,and they do serve ALASKAN KING CRAB LEGS.Plus,it is all you can eat lobster.With the savings of the tax and gratuity,it amounts to about $19.00 per person compared to Custy's price.It is about 15-20 minutes north of Custy's but it is a little difficult to find,as it is in a rural area.I go there 2-3 times a season(they are only open mid April to mid December).It really is good.Your husband won't be disapointed.If you bought 2 king crab legs at a wholesale club,you could pay $15.00.The prime rib is excellent.All the shrimp dishes are excellent and the rest of the fare is excellent.The only problem with the place is that after you top your feast off at their sundae bar,you really are full for the next 2 hours or so unless you have self control.Google them to see when is the best time to go as it is not uncommon for them to host 50-75 busses at a time from all over New England,New York,Philly,and New Jersey.