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Cafe Cego's

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Every time I eat at Café Cego's, located in Rolling Hills Estates on Deep Valley Drive, I come away saying, "Damn, that was good." So I decided, after another good meal last Sunday, it was time to pass along the recommendation. Café Cego's reflects the German origins of its owner, Gerhard Moser. One of my favorite items on the menu is the Nurnberger bratwurst with sauerkraut and rosti potatoes. But the menu is extremely diverse and eclectic, and includes American/Californian, Mexican, Mediterranean, and Asian influences. On Sunday, I started with Chicken Soup Cancun, an intensely flavorful chicken broth with tender chunks of chicken, avocado, tomato, and cilantro. For an entrée I had Hungarian paprika stew, consisting of beef and potatoes in a rich and delicious broth. I know from previous experience that the goulash is also rich, meaty, and delicious. All of the soups I've tried, including the gazpacho and chilled cucumber soup, as well as specials, have been delicious. The cold poached salmon with cucumber salad, one of my wife's favorites, is another winner. Cego's also serves breakfast with things like almond granola pancakes with blueberries, and Poached Eggs Mimi, with spinach, topped with a red bell pepper sauce. Although I've not yet had breakfast at Cego's, and therefore can't vouch for any of the breakfast items from personal experience, I noticed that corned beef hash is on the menu. Mr. Moser informed me that it is house made, so I've found another potential entry for the "Best Corned Beef in Los Angeles" contest. Based on the overall quality of the meals I've enjoyed at Cego's, my expectations are high. Every time I've been to Cego's, Mr. Moser has been there overseeing the operation. Cego's is a small, informal place that is a perfect stop for me on Sunday after I've finished buying green garlic, golden beets, Korean greens, and other goodies at the nearby Palos Verdes farmers' market.

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  1. Sigh. Sometimes I really have to wonder why I still live in NY...

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      Now, now. New York has its own virtues. But, to make matters worse, I forgot to point out that all of the entrees and dinner salads (e.g., poached salmon with cucumber salad) at Cafe Cego's are under $10, with the exception of the seafood paella ($10.75) and the seafood fettuccine ($10.50). My Chicken Soup Cancun was $3.25, and the bratwurst and paprika stew were each $9.95. It's not just good food, it's a bargain! For Oktoberfest, Owner/Chef Moser serves a special menu including pig knuckles and roast suckling pig.