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Dec 14, 2007 08:36 AM

Buying Citric Acid in Boston area for candy making

Does anyone know where I can find citric acid in the Boston area? I am making bath bombs for the holidays but citric acid can also be used in candy making and canning/preserving.

Or does anyone know of candy making supply stores in the area?


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  1. If you can't find any in a food-related store, you might want to try Michael's or AJ Wright's in their candy making or soap making aisles.

    1. I've seen it at some of the Asian grocery stores in Chinatown. Super 88 in Allston might have it as well.

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        I think it's also called "sour salt" and you can find it at the Butcherie and other kosher groceries.

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          Do you know which ones? I stopped into a couple of the smaller markets in Chinatown but haven't seen it.

        2. Christina's on Cambridge Street has it, they call it sour salt.

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            Also the Armenian stores in Watertown carry it -- I've heard it being called something that sounds like "lemoon dizzy". Good luck!

          2. If you go to a supermarket check the canning supply area they usually have "Fruit Fresh" which is just a brand name for citric acid.

            1. Sevan Bakery and the other mid-east markets in Watertown carry it, as do the Russians - Berezka and Bazaar in Brighton. Ask for 'lemon salt' or 'sour salt'.