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Dec 14, 2007 08:19 AM

London bakery/deli with delivery

I'm in Toronto but would like to send co-workers in London a treat of either breakfast pastries or mid-afternoon sweets. This is to say thanks for their hard work during a difficult time. It's a group of 17 people. Any suggestions as to a place that can take the order over the phone and deliver for me? Sebastian's Market had been suggested....

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  1. Cakewalkers makes great cakes and pastries. At the bottom of their product list, they offer
    GOODIES: FRENCH PASTRIES An attractive selection of small tea cakes, miniature tartlets, bite sized goodies and French style pastries. (may contain peanut, almond, pecan and hazelnut)

    They also have stollen right now, if you want something seasonal.

    I'm sure they would deliver for you.