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Dec 14, 2007 08:10 AM

Fish fry?

Does anyone know any good fish fry take-out restaurants? I'm not talking English fish-and-chips style, but the upstate NY type with crispy haddock fillets. I'm from Syracuse originally and the predominantly Catholic community there had many fish-fry options, especially during Lent.

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  1. Please let me know if you've found a place- I'm from Rochester and have had the same problem finding what you get upstate! Fish n' chips is not the same thing!

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    1. re: ab12

      My hubby is also from Rochester and his parents go to a fish fry place every Friday night! Often it's the Town Lounge in Irondoquoit.

      I'm not aware of any similar fish fry in NYC.

    2. I've been craving the same. I have fond memories of Friday's at Wheeler's when I was a wee one.

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      1. re: Up With Olives

        I've been looking for the past 6 years and haven't found anything yet that comes close to WNY fish frys. I don't think they exist here :(

      2. Although not quite the same as the upstate/ western NY fish fry, Bondi Rd does a great fried fish and it's more crispy than the english style fish and chips. Probably won't be able to get haddock though.

        1. slightly more the english fish and chip version, but the chip shop with three locations in brooklyn (boreum hill, park slope and bay ridge) offers haddock, place and cod I believe.

          1. I walked by a takeout restaurant on the western side of Lexington Ave. between 23rd and 24th st., today, that specialized in fish fries. I wasn't able to stop for a menu so can't tell you whether they have crispy haddock fillets, but given that they specialize in fried fish fillets, it seems like a promising place to look.

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            1. re: cimui

              Thats place is called Sea World. It does have fried fish that is good but more like an Arthur Treachers or Long John Silvers kind of good. Not the beer battered with coleslaw, potato salad and french fries upstate kind of good:)

              1. re: roze

                I *believe* it might be a different place. Is Sea World between 22nd and 23rd? The place I passed by had "New" in the name (or perhaps was a new restaurant advertising itself as such).

                I really want to try this legendary upstate fish fry, now, after hearing all these good things!

                1. re: cimui

                  Sea World is between 23rd and 24th. There is a Chinese place next door called New Taste I think which may be what you saw.

                  Someday hopefully you will be able to try the uptate fish fry...someday someone will serve it here....someday... (sigh)

                  1. re: roze

                    Very possible, roze. Thanks for the catch. I'm in the Catskills a lot, actually. If you know of any good places, esp. near Margaretville / Andes, please do tell.