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Chocolates in Calgary

I was a regular at Callebauts on 17th before the big new fancy building was built. I have to say now if you go location to location the quality seems to change. anyone else think this? I use to go for a weekly fix but now I am finding it's not as good as it use to be.

I am not a fan of Oliviers either. Will I just have to keep ordering online? I would love to find some local stuff. I am looking for some chocolate and chili items.


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  1. It's been awhile but I think there has been a bit of a dip in quality at Callebaut, maybe that's due to expansion? As far as I can tell (someone might correct me) Callebaut is still the best local chocolatier though. However if you're looking for chocolate desserts check out Nectar desserts and Manuel Latruwe. Chocolate nirvana :)

    1. Try the head office location on MacLeod and 13th ave SE. I dont know how their distribution system works, but in theory, that should be the freshest :)

      If that doesnt meet your standards, then you definitely know there's been a change.

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        Canmore is home to a fantastic artisan chocolatier called La Chocolatier - if you come here check out his store & watch the chocolates being made


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          Ohh thanks..I am going to order some, just cause I don't want to drive out there.

      2. A little while back we received a gift of Manon's Leonides Belgian chocolates that I thought were divine. I haven't gone to get any myself yet but they're in Brittania Plaza. Their web site is: www.leonidas.ca

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          I had some of their truffles while in the states and I thought they were pretty good. I didn't know I could get them here.

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            Best in class for the city is Les Truffles - Where Callebaut is a let down, they really make each bite seems like the divine reduction of an entire raspberry bush. The coconut is also wicked. Not sure if they have a downtown presence anymore.


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              Yes, they do. I agree their products are great, but be warned they are $2 a truffle. They are in Bankers Hall, on the south end of the mall on Level 2.

        2. Big votes for:

          Le Chocolatier - chocolate bars worth purchasing
          Nectar Desserts - the smoked chocolate tart with sea salt is awesome

          An even bigger vote for online ordering:

          Soma Chocolatemaker - out of the Distillery District in Toronto. It doesn't get better than this place... http://www.somachocolate.com

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            Here is a link to a thread up in Edmonton about a new chocolatier, I have not tried it, but I have heard great reviews. She may sell somewhere in Calgary.


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              There are a few places in Calgary they sell them. I haven't got any yet, but probably will before Easter.

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                You can get Chocophilia at Cookbook Company. You can also order online: http://www.kerstinschocolates.com/pro...

          2. Michel Cluziel makes bars with beans from different part of the world, like Madagascar. Very refined. Also, there's another Spanish company that's just as elegant. They both just hit the cravings with just the right note. Both found at Flavours of the World on Canyon Meadows Drive and Lake Fraser Drive.