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Dec 14, 2007 08:02 AM

Chocolates in Calgary

I was a regular at Callebauts on 17th before the big new fancy building was built. I have to say now if you go location to location the quality seems to change. anyone else think this? I use to go for a weekly fix but now I am finding it's not as good as it use to be.

I am not a fan of Oliviers either. Will I just have to keep ordering online? I would love to find some local stuff. I am looking for some chocolate and chili items.


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  1. It's been awhile but I think there has been a bit of a dip in quality at Callebaut, maybe that's due to expansion? As far as I can tell (someone might correct me) Callebaut is still the best local chocolatier though. However if you're looking for chocolate desserts check out Nectar desserts and Manuel Latruwe. Chocolate nirvana :)

    1. Try the head office location on MacLeod and 13th ave SE. I dont know how their distribution system works, but in theory, that should be the freshest :)

      If that doesnt meet your standards, then you definitely know there's been a change.

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        Canmore is home to a fantastic artisan chocolatier called La Chocolatier - if you come here check out his store & watch the chocolates being made

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          Ohh thanks..I am going to order some, just cause I don't want to drive out there.

      2. A little while back we received a gift of Manon's Leonides Belgian chocolates that I thought were divine. I haven't gone to get any myself yet but they're in Brittania Plaza. Their web site is:

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          I had some of their truffles while in the states and I thought they were pretty good. I didn't know I could get them here.

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            Best in class for the city is Les Truffles - Where Callebaut is a let down, they really make each bite seems like the divine reduction of an entire raspberry bush. The coconut is also wicked. Not sure if they have a downtown presence anymore.


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              Yes, they do. I agree their products are great, but be warned they are $2 a truffle. They are in Bankers Hall, on the south end of the mall on Level 2.

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          1. Big votes for:

            Le Chocolatier - chocolate bars worth purchasing
            Nectar Desserts - the smoked chocolate tart with sea salt is awesome

            An even bigger vote for online ordering:

            Soma Chocolatemaker - out of the Distillery District in Toronto. It doesn't get better than this place...

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              Here is a link to a thread up in Edmonton about a new chocolatier, I have not tried it, but I have heard great reviews. She may sell somewhere in Calgary.


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                There are a few places in Calgary they sell them. I haven't got any yet, but probably will before Easter.

                1. re: kritafo

                  You can get Chocophilia at Cookbook Company. You can also order online: