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Dec 14, 2007 07:20 AM

Christmas Day Brunch

Can anyone make a suggestion for a nice Christmas Day brunch in Beverly HIlls or The Holllywood area? I have gone to alot of the hotel websites and couldn't find anything out.....

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  1. I just called to make brunch reservations for this weekend at the Universal Hilton, and the guy who anwered the phone mentioned something about X-mas brunch. You might want to call and check, the number is 818-560-2500

    1. Peninsula hotel's non-holiday brunch is very nice...true, yes, expensive, ...but very nice.
      Christmas Day... http://beverlyhills.peninsula.com/pbh...

      1. Although I'm not going this year, the last few years I've gone to the Renaissance restaurant in Hollywood, which has a very nice brunch with a great setting at low rate - $30 last year. Although the restaurant is operated by the Scientologists, it's open to the public. I would avoid the non-mandatory hotel "tour," which is just a recruitment opportunity for Scientology - it was weird, and I never did see a single hotel room in the stately building that the Scientologists bought some years ago.