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Dec 14, 2007 07:20 AM

Christmas Day Brunch

Can anyone make a suggestion for a nice Christmas Day brunch in Beverly HIlls or The Holllywood area? I have gone to alot of the hotel websites and couldn't find anything out.....

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  1. I just called to make brunch reservations for this weekend at the Universal Hilton, and the guy who anwered the phone mentioned something about X-mas brunch. You might want to call and check, the number is 818-560-2500

    1. Peninsula hotel's non-holiday brunch is very nice...true, yes, expensive, ...but very nice.
      Christmas Day...

      1. Although I'm not going this year, the last few years I've gone to the Renaissance restaurant in Hollywood, which has a very nice brunch with a great setting at low rate - $30 last year. Although the restaurant is operated by the Scientologists, it's open to the public. I would avoid the non-mandatory hotel "tour," which is just a recruitment opportunity for Scientology - it was weird, and I never did see a single hotel room in the stately building that the Scientologists bought some years ago.