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KC: Bryant's & Gates: Suggestions?

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Hello all.

This weekend I am going to Kansas City for only the second time in my life. Needless to say, I am going to have some barbecue!

The last time I went to KC, I ate at Fiorella's Jack Stack near the train station, and enjoyed it. This time I am going to go to both Arthur Bryant's and Gates. Now I realize that a lot of locals think there is better barbecue to be had in KC, but both of these places are legendary, so I feel I must experience them first before I branch out.

My question for you is: what should I order at these places? I am a lifelong Tennessean, so pulled pork and pork ribs are what I'm used to, but I understand that the brisket may be what's best in KC. Suggestions?

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  1. Burnt ends and brisket, my favorites.

    1. At Bryant's, go for the brisket sandwich. It's a monster. Have them hold the sauce and sauce it yourself at the table.

      1. Bryants - brisket and fries.

        1. Gates - Beef on Bun with beans (my fav). My husband likes the mixed plate - but it's lots of food.

          Bryant - Brisket sandwich - fries - extra pickles. mmm.

          1. Bryants/brisket&fries. Gates/Shortend or whole slab of ribs. PS vacationed in Tennessee this summer. Great ribs in Memphis. Great pulled pork with white sauce in Franklin.

            1. My vote is go to Bryant's first. And go to the real one - not the fancy-smancy branch rest's at Legends or Ameristar. Go to the original store down on Brooklyn - you gotta go there for the atmosphere! It's awesome. Go for the burnt end sandwich and be hungry when you go. Next to to Gates - my preference is the store on Brooklyn although I rarely go there because there is another a block away from where I work. The Gates stores are similar in atmosphere, so it's not a big deal which one you go to like it is with Bryant's. At Gates get the Combo sandwich or if there's two of you or you're really hungry get the mixed plate which will give you a great variety - a mixed plate will certainly feed two people. Enjoy.

              1. Thanks, everybody.

                We did end up going to both Arthur Bryant's and Gates, to the original ones on Brooklyn Ave.

                At Bryant's, I got a combo plate with brisket and burnt ends and fries. I enjoyed it very much, especially the brisket, which was some of the best I've ever had. The burnt ends were not what I was expecting, just because I was not expecting them to be saturated with sauce, but they were good anyway.

                At Gates, I got a beef sandwich and an order of beans. The beef sandwich was good, although the brisket was not quite as good as Arthur Bryant's. The beans were, hands down, the best baked beans I have ever tasted! There is definitely some secret ingredient that gives them that distinct flavor, but I'm not sure what it is. Ideas? Also, another thing that was amazing at Gates was the sauce. I brought back sauce from both Bryant's and Gates, but I especially loved the sauce at Gate's. Again, it has a very distinct flavor. It tastes like it might even have chili sauce in it.

                Anyway, we had a great time in KC and I can't wait to go back!