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Dec 14, 2007 07:10 AM

lunch spots near Vinings/Paces Ferry in ATL

my husband is starting a new job on Paces Ferry Road in Atlanta. Would love to be able to meet him for lunch - somewhere close by. I do not know this area very well. Any suggestions?

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    1. Check out this earlier topic on eating near Vinings:

      I think it covers most of the best choices.

      1. Garrison's
        The New Yorker Deli

        1. Vermont Mustard Company on Cumberland Parkway. Near Home Depot but just past Publix on same side of street. It is kinda tucked back and possibly why they have yet to really take off, but they will once people figure them out...excellent, excellent sandwiches and wraps, home made soups , staff is great (best BLT i have ever eaten, period) and nice prices for vinings area, menu is really unique...anyway hope this helps...