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Dec 14, 2007 07:05 AM

moving back to Atlanta, GA

I lived in ATL about 5 years ago - and then moved to Greenville, SC - now back to Atlanta. I know things have certainly changed - hopefully my old favorites are still around - and new things have popped up. Any suggestions on must try restaurants - even if they were here 5 years ago - I may have missed them. I LOVE Eclipse di Luna, Canoe, Brio (know it is a chain - but excellent), Toulouse, etc for dinner. Cafe Intermezzo for dessert. Cafe at Pharr, Swan House, Mary Mac's, and Kool Korners for lunch. Flying Biscuit is my fav for breakfast. I LOVED Eatzi's and am so sad to hear it is no longer around.
So... I need some more suggestions. What am I missing? I like to find very original (preferably no chains) places. Any ideas?

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  1. Forget Flying Biscuit - they franchised and it's really not the same place you remember from 5 years ago anymore. You've got to check out the West Egg instead, over on the Westside where 14th st dead-ends. It's my favorite breakfast spot in Atlanta. And while you're in the area, hit up Figo for lunch or dinner. Nothing like fresh pasta for cheap!

    By the way, Cafe at Pharr has expanded and now there's a new location on Roswell just South of Wieuca (near Publix). Not sure where you are in the city but this has been a great addition for my hubby & I so close to home.

    And rather than Eclipse di Luna, check out Pura Vida in the Highlands, just South of Ponce.